Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vos Sos... Aleman?

So normal stuff this week. Until Sunday afternoon...So I will try to explain you why it was so weird, but it ws just one of those you had to be there in the moment kind of thing.

So here in Caacupe you find the occasional European resident, it's just normal sutff. Like I think I mentioned it before, but here in the Branch there is a German family and a Russian family that attend weekly. The branch here is basically run by non-paraguayans. (Them, among a Chilean family hold many callings in the District and branch presidency) I feel like it's because all the smart Paraguayans got themselves out of Caacupe years ago ha

But anyways, so long story short, we wanted to get to know the Russian and Aleman's houses, so after church on Sunday, we hopped a ride with the Russians and they took us to their house, about 8 to 10 miles down a long dirt road out of the city and into the countryside/jungle. We pulledup to their 4 acres of land, and were jsut amazed! It is the best kept houseI have ever seen my whole mission. They are just some old Russian couple who got fed up with working crappy jobs in Russia, so they sold everything and transfered it to Paraguayn money, moved down in the middle of no where (Caacupe) and built a russian style mansion. Talk about a great retirement plan! They live self sustained, their whole yard is filled with banana trees and various fruits. They leave their hosue only on Sundays to go to church. I found myself extremely impressed when they invited us inside their sweet house (We had to take our shoes off to enter... that's something I haven't seen in 2 years) sat us down, and took out their traditional russian instruments (acordeon looking thing and a guitar) and played us russian melodys and taught us how to dance. I am not making any of this up either! Haha I feel like I'm jsut talking about a weird dream or something, but it's true! ha

Anddddd after we went there, we went and visited the German family. They did the exact same thing, and literally own a whole Paraguayn mountain, where they raise cattle and horses. They live the most tranquilo lifestyle let me tell you.

The guarani is really coming along. Before, I just spoke enough Guarani to make a Paraguayn laugh, but now, it's really been making rapid progress, since my comp is basically fluent

Well until next time. Love you guys

Elder Horton

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