Sunday, April 10, 2016


So.... the transfers were this week! Andddddd I've changed areas
(Whitewash...again). My ex mission president is a new seventy, and the
whole mission system has changed. So let me explain:

First: Whitewash. With an Elder from my group! And the best part is,
is that he is AMERICAN WOOHOOO 7 and a half months and finally another
american comp. We are still in Caacupe, (Same city I was in before)
but a different area. We are the Zone Leaders here, of a brand new
mega zone consisting of an entire district, 8 branches and 24
missionaries- It's going to be a blast. My new comp has been my bro
since day one in the MTC!! He is the biggest nerd out here, which
means we get along super well. It's bout to be such a good time

So the change in the whole mission system, at least here, is that
there are no limits to the areas. We only have to stay within the
respective unit. Or a.k.a. no we can go where we want in a city of
about 10,000 people to preach and baptize. Word.

I got to talk on the radio this week. Cheeaaauuhhhh

Love you guys! Have a great one and keep the commandments

Elder Horton

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