Monday, October 27, 2014


Thanks for the loving support everyone! It means so much. I don't have much time, so today will be brief. Hmmmm so! 

This week, I was super sick. We ate lunch at an investigators house, which was great and all, but there was something in those eggs or something I think! I spent allllll that night barfing my mind out. I didn't sleep a bit! I felt like something was eating my insides, it was the worrsstttttt ha All the next day, I just layed there, and couldnt move a muscle! But by the next day, I felt good enough to go to church. We had 5 investigators attend, which is a huge blessing! We have 2 baptisms this Saturday, if all goes well. One with a 16 year old boy named David, and the other with a 27 year old single mom! We are crazy busy. This week, something pretty funny happened. We were teaching the parents of our recent convert, Larissa. They are way tough! They aren't married, and they heard you have to be married to be baptised, so they got kinda offended. Most people down here aren't married. It's easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest problem we have! And marriage costs a whopping 4,200,000 guarani. I dunno what that converts to in dollars, but it's a lot for the people down here! Anyways, so we were teaching them, and it was a pretty crucial part of the lesson. We were teaching about Joseph Smith,and introducing the BOM, when something fell from a tree we were sitting under, and down the back of my shirt hahaha I thought it was just some sort of leaf, but i then started to feel something crawling around on my back! haha I was freaking out. I held my composure until the end of the lesson, but as soon as it finished, I anxiously urged us to quickly leave, and once we got out of eye-sight, I took of my shirt and got it out! haha It left it's mark alright, and I now have about 20 little red marks all over my back. But hopefully all this suffering this week will pay off! And by pay off I mean BAUTISMOS haha My comp and are are getting along just fine still. No problems! He is super pacient with me. Which is way awesome! Anyways, thanks again for all the support. I love and miss you guys like crazy! 

Elder Horton

Monday, October 20, 2014

El Campo Misional

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the support. I have the best friends and family in the world!

Soooooo second week in Paraguay was just as good, if not better than the last! I love it down here. Other than the overbearing heat, and the fact that we have to walk around in it all day, it's so fun! The people are seriously so amazing. Everyone is super nice!! Everybody waves, and says Hi, and maybe it's because I stick out like crazy, but nonetheless it's so awesome! haha So yeah, the weather here is nuts. Everday this week has been way hot. I'm always sweating like crazy! It's not helping me with this whole 'I really need to gain weight' thing. And yesterday, we were walking home from church, in 90 degree weather, humid as heck, with blue skies, and it just starts pouring rain! It was the strangest thing haha And it only made it hotter! It's not like a cooling rain back home, it was like a choking humid/hot rain! Luckily we only had a block or two left to walk, so we made it back to the apartment before it got too bad. But yeah, the people here are too nice and sweet! But yeah, so back to how super awesome the people are. This week, we did a service project for a family who literally lives in the jungle. Their house has dirt floors, and made out of branches and scrap metal. We installed electricity for them! They are inactive members, which he have more than enough of. But the father loaned me his shirt, so I didn't have to work in my church shirt. He literally gave me the shirt off of his back! I tried to refuse so much, but he kept insisting, so I put his on. But seriously, it was so mind opening! They invited us to dinner the next day, and fixed us a super nice meal. I'm sure it was a huge sacrifice for them! They even attended church on Sunday, which was the first time in about a year! We eat well here, and have a dinner/lunch appointment about every other day with members and nonmebers. My comp is from Peru, and is a great cook! Whatever we eat has rice to go with it. Usually, it's a dish called Sopa Paraguayo, and is a mixture of rice and chicken with seasoning. It's really good! But yeah, so another thing that happened this week, was I had my first BAUTISMO haha It was so awesome. I was SUPER nervous to give the prayer in Spanish, but I prayed before hand that everything would go alright, and it did! The spirit was SO strong during the baptism. I was super worried about pronouncing her name right, (Maria Larissa Insfran Bobadilla) haha But it all went smoothly! The baptism was such a rewarding experience. She was so touched by the spirit, you could jsut tell! Her parents were there, which was HUGE. I hope they were touched! We are teaching them this week. Their family is way cool! Whenever we taught Larissa (The girl we baptised, her parents would come talk and hang out with us. The Dad is even coming to play soccer at the church this Wednesday! I will for sure keep you updated. But so far so good here in Paraguay! I'm just now starting to tell the difference between Guarani and Spanish haha But it's getting better! The spanish here is tough haha They speak in what's called Castellano, (Not sure if that's how it's spelled) but yeah, it's really difficult to discern what they are saying. I'm starting to be able to piece together conversations though! I am able to communicate really well with my comp. We never have much of an issue! But that's because I can understand his accent. Anyways, Thanks again for the love and support! I love you guys. I'm missin that crisp clean rocky mountain air! haha Until next week

Elder Horton
Straight outta da font

Celebration dinner with Larissa and family!

Pre-Bautismo with the fam and ward members! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

PARAGUAYYYYYY Received 10-13-14

Hey guys! Thanks for the update and support from everyone, it's so amazing.

So PARAGUAYYYYYY haha Man, it's so awesome down here. A bit hot! Nahhh it's SUPER hot! I was so nervous to come to ParauWhen we stepped off the plane, (A small plane) the mission president was there to greet us. The first thing he said was "BIenvenidas a la jungla!" hahaha Or welcome to the Jungle! It's pretty much that out here. So we meet up with everyone at the mission home, where we spent the night. I woke up to the sound of monkeys right outside the window! haha Man, I was so blown away. We then met out Trainers, and hopped in a taxi, and took off! My trainer is way awesome. He is a short little guy from Peru, and doesn't know a lick of English, so I have been forced to pick up Spanish.He is super funny! He looks a little uptight, so I was worried at first, but we are way cool. Man, it's nice talking in English haha (Well writing)  We got dropped off at the outskirts of Paraguay, and took a bus for two hours to where I am now, the small town of XXXX! It's really not super ghetto, it's actually kind of nice. The first thing I saw when I walked into out pension (apartment) was an alligator skin! hahahaha So that will tell you something about my area. We are actually going to find more alligators after writing emails. I love it so much here! We have 6 other missionaries in this city, and our area is about a 10 minute bus-ride, right on the outskirts of town. This is an area known as the campo! It's half jungle, half desert is the best way to describe it. haha The houses are scattered throught the campo, and they are made poorly. It's defenitely not a rich area! The seriously have hardly anything, but EVERYONE has a motorcycle, cellphones, and TV. Although they don't have running water, or bathrooms they can atleast watch cartoons!? Los Paraguayos are always hanging out outside, just chilling drinking matte. EVERYONE is so nice too! They love the missionaries! haha Which is fantastic, because it makes it super easy to set up appointments. You have to clap before entering someones yard, and then they come greet you at the gate, and invite you in! I haven't met one mean paraguayan yet. It's just a branch out here, but our church house is really nice! We get about 60 people attending every week. There are TONS of new converts! We have a baptism about every other week, if not once a week. Communicating has been crazy tough! The spanish here is AWFUL! They mumble really bad, and don't pronounce well. My trainer spoke perfect spanish before coming to PAraguay, and it took him 2 or 3 months to be get used to how these people speak. We walk dwon the street, and people greet us in Spanish, Guarani, AND Portuguese. It's way tough. Most everyone speaks Spanish, but we did have this family we taught last night, and the only person in their family who spoke spanish was the daughter, everyone else spòke Guarani! Guarani is way tough. It's mixed in with their spanish, to make matters even worse! It's crazy humid here. I sweat wherever I go! It's going to take some getting used to. But yeah, lot's of walking! We have a baptism this Saturday, for a girl named Lorisa. She is 16 years old. She is so awesome! She went to Gen Con, and is set on being a missionary one day! haha We gave her a BOM on last Monday, well my trainer did, and she is already at the end of Mosiah! We had three investigators come to church this sunday. That was my first lesson, was with her! I didn't understand hardly anything, and I felt the spirit, so that's good.Tons of work here! We are always busy, and it's tough because the houses are so spread out. It takes forever to travel from place to place. Lots of walking! But I don't mind. There are always people who will just invite you to sit down and chat with them. The food here is good! I'm told that Diarea is just a part of beeing a missionary here. So i best just get used to it! The members here are super nice and loving! They help you out with anything you need, and the ones that aren't inactive (There are a bunch) are  super faithful in church attendance. They sacrifice a ton to make it to church! Most could be working, and making money to provide for their family, but they chose to sacrifice and come to church. Man, these past few days have been so freaking crazy. I'm starting to get in the grove of things though! Going to Argetina first really helped with the culture shock. Our apartment is way nice, we live in a really clean part of town. There is a big supermarket not a 5 minute walk away, where we buy everything. This morning, I went on a jog with one of the Elders in our zone through the jungle! haha that was pretty crazy. Anyways, thanks again for your support! It means the world to me. Love you guys!

Elder Horton
Last night on our way home from a visit with Larisa! 

NIght walk through the jungle waddup

My poppy Elder Correa

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hola Everyone! 

I'm flying out tomorrow morning at 4! I seriously can't wait. Wow. I'm headed out to the field! What did you guys think about conference?! I loved it so much! Wow, having Conference while your on your mission is so amazingly spiritual. I learned so much more than I ever have! It gave me that perfect spiritual boost to push me out into my mission. This conference for me, focused on the importance of personal revelation. and how "It's not fun, neither necessary to constantly question and doubt the doctrine of the church" and that "gaining spiritual light is a quest of a lifetime". Just as Joel Kelinger(?) said, you can't expect the world to cheer you on, but nonetheless, we must "Put on a smile, and go to work!" I'm so excited to go preach to people! Just a heads up, from now on, I will be emailing on Mondays. Wish me luck! Thanks for the support. You guys are the greatest! See you next Monday, hopefully with great news about Paraguay! hahaElder Horton

Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Week in the M.T.C! Received 10-2-14

 Quite the growth spurt at the MTC! 
Elder Leavitt and Elder Brumble- My Dudes! 

Hola Everyone!
 Thanks for the updates of what's going on in your life, and the support you have shown me! It means so much, especially as I'm about to head out into the field.
Less than a week left here in the MTC! I head out next Tuesday! I am so nervous haha But I can't wait! It's what I've been preparing for all this time. The MTC has been so much fun! It's going to be tought to leave. It really has been my home away from home. I'm especially going to miss all the amazing meals ha They are so good. Especially the desert! Everything has Dulce De Leche in it (Caramel) and it's pretty much the nectar of the Gods haha It's going to be tough to say goodbye to some of the guys here, but luckily a few are headed up to Utah State after the mish, so we have already planned a reunion up there! haha One thing I have learned here in the MTC is that I enjoy teaching. Not just the gospel, but like teaching people Spanish! Uh ohhh haha Thanks for that DAD! ha
This past Proselyting was so much fun! I don't know if I told you, but we go out every Saturday for 6 hours and teach! It's so much fun. I'm bummed out that I'm going to miss it this week! (Because of G.C.) This past week, they took us to a MUCH nicer area. The houses were super nice, there weren't more stray dogs than people, and not everybody was drunk, it was awesome! haha The people are so friendly here. Most everyone is alright with talking about the gospel, whether they are interested or not! It was by far our most successful week, partially because it was our last, so we talked to literally everyone! It flew by so fast, and it was so much fun. I'm actually going to miss Argentina! But I'm sure Paraguay is like a million times better haha
So I have heard a lot of interesting things about Paraguay! I ask every Latino I can about it, to see what they know. I've heard that it's a HUGE drug capital, that you have to bribe the police every once in a while, and that the misquitoes are giant. I've heard that the people talk crazy fast, and bombard you with a mixture of Guarani and Spanish, and that it's hotter than Satan! haha I can't wait!! To me that sounds like a fantastic adventure. I can't wait! haha One of the LAtinos from here knows Guarani and taught me a few things! But it's such a weird language. It sounds like such nonsense! ha My roommate is Brazilian, so he has been teaching me a bit of Portuguese! It's way similar to Spanish, it's quite interesting to learn.
So I was studying in my scriptures, in Romans 8;28 the other day. I studied this verse for like 45 minutes! It's so interesting to me, to really dissect it, and break it down. Like try thinking about the meaning of every word in this verse! Like to 'know' something? what does that REALLY mean? In Ether 12:6 it says that we gain knowledge after the trial of our faith. So we must have trials in order to gain knowledge, in order to love God, and have everything work out for our good. Interesting... Not only that, but If that's true, then nothing 'Bad' really happens to us, IF we choose to learn from our trials. God's plan is perfect, and universally applies to every aspect of life or trial that could ever be faced EVER. And we, a TINY percentage of the world knows that. How important is it that we share this knowledge with everyone we can! To bring them closer to God, and let everything work out for their good. I love this church! Can't wait to head into the field.
Thanks again for the support! I love you guys, and from now on I will be emailing on Mondays I'm pretty sure. Love you guys!
Elder Horton