Sunday, April 3, 2016


ran out of cooking gas so we made eggs in our sandwich maker

"The Lord has not sent you to his vineyard to enjoy the grapes, but to prune the vines. The Lord has sent you here to work."

This was the message given to us by a surprise visit by on the the Seventy this week. It struck me to the core, what he said. He spirit that he radiated is something I will never forget. As I listened attently to what he counseled us, the spirit sent me personalized revelation as to what I need to do better, especially as to how I need to finish my mission.

The Lord as always called men to his work. He chooses them, and provides them the mediums and talents to carry out his work. This gospel truth especailly stuck out to me as I continued my study of the scriptures this week in the book of Genesis and Exodus. Joseph, the same who was sold into Egypt was blessed with such a positive attitude, such optimism, that even after being cast into prison for resisting Potifers wife, he maintained his faith and hope, and because of this attitude the Lord made him prosper in all that he did, and was put as a lider in the prison. Another powerful example is that of Moses, who had a speech impediment, but was told to only put his trust in God, and he would give him the ability to overcome his human weekness.

Now how does this apply to us? What do you think?

I am enjoying every moment here in the Lords vineyard, as I strive to give my all until my time comes, and I have to leave all this behind. But when I'm done, I want to be able to say that I have truly, both physically, mentally and spiritually, worked with all my heart might mind ans strength, so that I may be found blameless at the last day.

Love you guys! Pics are to follow

Elder Horton

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