Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vos Sos... Aleman?

So normal stuff this week. Until Sunday afternoon...So I will try to explain you why it was so weird, but it ws just one of those you had to be there in the moment kind of thing.

So here in Caacupe you find the occasional European resident, it's just normal sutff. Like I think I mentioned it before, but here in the Branch there is a German family and a Russian family that attend weekly. The branch here is basically run by non-paraguayans. (Them, among a Chilean family hold many callings in the District and branch presidency) I feel like it's because all the smart Paraguayans got themselves out of Caacupe years ago ha

But anyways, so long story short, we wanted to get to know the Russian and Aleman's houses, so after church on Sunday, we hopped a ride with the Russians and they took us to their house, about 8 to 10 miles down a long dirt road out of the city and into the countryside/jungle. We pulledup to their 4 acres of land, and were jsut amazed! It is the best kept houseI have ever seen my whole mission. They are just some old Russian couple who got fed up with working crappy jobs in Russia, so they sold everything and transfered it to Paraguayn money, moved down in the middle of no where (Caacupe) and built a russian style mansion. Talk about a great retirement plan! They live self sustained, their whole yard is filled with banana trees and various fruits. They leave their hosue only on Sundays to go to church. I found myself extremely impressed when they invited us inside their sweet house (We had to take our shoes off to enter... that's something I haven't seen in 2 years) sat us down, and took out their traditional russian instruments (acordeon looking thing and a guitar) and played us russian melodys and taught us how to dance. I am not making any of this up either! Haha I feel like I'm jsut talking about a weird dream or something, but it's true! ha

Anddddd after we went there, we went and visited the German family. They did the exact same thing, and literally own a whole Paraguayn mountain, where they raise cattle and horses. They live the most tranquilo lifestyle let me tell you.

The guarani is really coming along. Before, I just spoke enough Guarani to make a Paraguayn laugh, but now, it's really been making rapid progress, since my comp is basically fluent

Well until next time. Love you guys

Elder Horton

Sunday, April 17, 2016


My new comp is pretty awesome. Like by far one of my favorites. We have quite a lot in common, and really puch one another to be the best we can. We have set some crazy high goals for this change, and have been doing everything we can to reach them. My companion is pretty much the smartest guy out there... He speaks Guarani. Like do you have any idea how hard of a language it is? I have been studying it qute thouroughly for almost 2 years, and hear it EVERY day, and can hardly have a basic conversation. But my comp talks like a native Paraguayo, it's quite awe inspiring. If you speak Guarani, the people LOVE you, but absolutely adore you. For example, we showed up to a family of "Guarangos" or Guarani speakers, which we normally just pass right by, because trying to communicate with them is just so dang hard. But my comp just walks righ up to them and starts jabering away in Guarani. Everybody was so shocked!! haha We then taught them a lesson in Guarani (well, mostly he did) and they accepted a baptismal date and happened to be relatives of a less active member. And this is just a start of all the miracles!

The zone is good. It's been quite a challenge working with so many missionaries... it's quite tiring being in diviones with the other Elders about 2 of the 7 days of the week, it takes a lot of energy out of you. But the Lords promise when he said (Rough translation) "Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" applies jsut as much to us, being missionaries, as to those whom we teach. I have found a true peace being out here working as a missionary, and i truly feel the Lords divine help.

"And it came to pass, that I Nephi, saw the power of the Lamb of God descend upon the saints of the church of the Lamb.. y que se hallaban dispersados for all the world; and were armed with righetoeusness and the power of God in great glory"

Well, so Nephi saw us. I love being a misionary. It is so bittersweet that it is coming to a close... but I have been so blessed to be here in the Lords service. Love you guys!

Elder Horton

Sunday, April 10, 2016


So.... the transfers were this week! Andddddd I've changed areas
(Whitewash...again). My ex mission president is a new seventy, and the
whole mission system has changed. So let me explain:

First: Whitewash. With an Elder from my group! And the best part is,
is that he is AMERICAN WOOHOOO 7 and a half months and finally another
american comp. We are still in Caacupe, (Same city I was in before)
but a different area. We are the Zone Leaders here, of a brand new
mega zone consisting of an entire district, 8 branches and 24
missionaries- It's going to be a blast. My new comp has been my bro
since day one in the MTC!! He is the biggest nerd out here, which
means we get along super well. It's bout to be such a good time

So the change in the whole mission system, at least here, is that
there are no limits to the areas. We only have to stay within the
respective unit. Or a.k.a. no we can go where we want in a city of
about 10,000 people to preach and baptize. Word.

I got to talk on the radio this week. Cheeaaauuhhhh

Love you guys! Have a great one and keep the commandments

Elder Horton

Sunday, April 3, 2016

La Gran Mision Paraguay Asuncion

So here in Paraguay, it is a catholic tradition to celebrate the "Semana Santa" or "Holy Week" as a way to remember Jesus Christ, and it finished On Sunday, or Easter. Being here in the catholic capital of Paraguay, it has been ironically more difficult to teach about Jesus Christ, on the very week that is dedicated to him. Buttttt i'm sure the rainy cold weather didn't help either. ALRIGHT ENOUGH COMPLAINING

The nice part about the Semana Santa, is that everybody makes a traditional food called "Chipa", which is sort of a cheese bread, made with flour, eggs, corn flour, paraguayan cheese (The kind of cheese that looks and smells liek straight up rotten milk), and pig fat. They then take this dough, and form doughnuts, which they cook in a brick oven that they fuel with firewood. It's a proven fact that a solid 50% of the time, it's delicious, and the other 50% it's absolutely disgusting. But everyone has been giving us Chipa this week, we carried around bags to take home and eat the chipa that tastes good, and just threw out the bad chipa ha

This week are the changes... I hope I don't leave! I mean as hard as this area can be, it's going to be tough leaving behind the converts, especially the Baez family! But they did promise that if I get transfered they are going to prepare us a special meal of either 1) Cabeza de Chancho (Pig head) or 2) Jakare (Crocodile). I sure hope it's crocodile!

A family that we had found and been teaching in my last area, but couldn't get baptised because they had to work through a divorce finally got married and baptized this week! Almost one year and a half of attending church every week, and lots of sacrifice to pay to lawyer to get their marriage papers, and they finally got baptized!! It blows I couldn't be there, but oh welllllll what are you gonna do. And the important part is that they got baptized! ha

Stoked for general conference this week! Just as the children of Isreal were guided in the desert by a prophet, so are you and me.

Love you guys! Have a great week!


ran out of cooking gas so we made eggs in our sandwich maker

"The Lord has not sent you to his vineyard to enjoy the grapes, but to prune the vines. The Lord has sent you here to work."

This was the message given to us by a surprise visit by on the the Seventy this week. It struck me to the core, what he said. He spirit that he radiated is something I will never forget. As I listened attently to what he counseled us, the spirit sent me personalized revelation as to what I need to do better, especially as to how I need to finish my mission.

The Lord as always called men to his work. He chooses them, and provides them the mediums and talents to carry out his work. This gospel truth especailly stuck out to me as I continued my study of the scriptures this week in the book of Genesis and Exodus. Joseph, the same who was sold into Egypt was blessed with such a positive attitude, such optimism, that even after being cast into prison for resisting Potifers wife, he maintained his faith and hope, and because of this attitude the Lord made him prosper in all that he did, and was put as a lider in the prison. Another powerful example is that of Moses, who had a speech impediment, but was told to only put his trust in God, and he would give him the ability to overcome his human weekness.

Now how does this apply to us? What do you think?

I am enjoying every moment here in the Lords vineyard, as I strive to give my all until my time comes, and I have to leave all this behind. But when I'm done, I want to be able to say that I have truly, both physically, mentally and spiritually, worked with all my heart might mind ans strength, so that I may be found blameless at the last day.

Love you guys! Pics are to follow

Elder Horton


This week was normal ha

We traveled to Asuncion (The capital) so I could sign some imigration papers, so that blew. Pretty much wasted a whole day traveling to get to there, only to sign two papers and take a picture. BUT we did stop by Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet, so that was AMAZING. Seriously the best thing that has entered into my mouth since August of 2014 ha

Other than that, it rained a bunch this week, which always slows down the work a bit. We spent a lot of it with the family that got baptized jsut last week... they are so cool haha We have such a blast together. They are something so sp├Ęcial to me, I just wish you could see them like I do! haha IT makes the days spent soaking wet, walking for hours on end talking with everyone so worth it. It brings me real joy watching them change their lifes, and share the message of the gosple with family and friends. The mom of the family walked 2 hours with her two daughters to get to and from her friends house to visit them with the misionaries. They payed their tithing yesterday too, hardly even members do that here ha

This week we will be having the visit of one of the 70. That will be exciting.

So I'm starting to struggle inwardly with staying focused in on the work, and not thinking about how I will be home in less than 5 months. Any advice on what I can do to stay concentrated on the work and give it my all with this little time that I have left? It would be greatly appreciated!

Love you guys

Elder Horton

And I had awesome pics this week! But they won't load on this computer, so I will just have to describe them:

1. A scrumptiously delicious sandwich made of fried large cow intestine (a.k.a. Mundungo)

2. Me in my black suit... but it's no normal black suit! It's got the paraguayn and american flags sowen in on the inside!

3. Me and a bunch of sweaty missionaries just finishing from playing soccer. Same old same old

I hope you enjoyed my pics! Ahhhhhhh no offense but the weekly email thing got old like a year ago haha But love you guys, that I do! Take care