Monday, July 27, 2015


Seriously these people are the greatest! Birthday party #19
Hermana Gloria went to the temple this past week.  Woo hoo!

Changes this week, spent my last sunday here and I'm about the take off to who knows where! I will let ya'll know next week.
I'm gonna miss this area so much! Ahhhhh man, the next 2 days are jsut gonna be spent saying goodbye to people, so that's nothing too fun.
Stoked to get to know a new area though! I have spent my first year in the mission within a 15 mileish zone, between this area and my last area. I'm fellin like I'm going to get sent either super far out there, of downtown Asuncion. Either way, BRING IT
Sorry I left you hangin last week about the church open house. It was a huge success, even though the bishopric were out playing soccer on the field in front of the church and we ran everything! ha We got a bunch of references, and met a few great new investigators.
Well a picture speaks a thousand words, so here ya go POSTA LEIVA IMMA MISS YOU

Monday, July 20, 2015


Plaque in Guarani

Turned 19 this last friday, and I couldn't have spent it better, considering the fact that I am 5000 miles away from home! I spent it here with my Paraguayan family. A few of my converts made me a huge dinner, and a cake and decorated their house and everything! haha It was so much fun. Everybody made me feel way at home, and welcome. Couldn't have asked for anything more! 

I'm about to head into my last full week in this area. It's going to be so difficult to leave... Ahhh!!! I have a family here, and I just love it here I don't ever wanna leave. Hte members are all the greatest, and I have some awesome converts that I just have to leave behind... It's going to be just as hard, If not harder than saying goodbye to my real family back there in the states! Not excited. My last week and a half here.... Although it will be nice to get to see some new turf. So bitter sweet!

Had interviews with the new mission president this last week. The man is inspired by God to lead us here, without a doubt in my mind. Also this last Saturday, we did something called a "Capilla Abierta" Or like an Open House for the church, wehre all the 

The pics from my B-Day won't load next week

Plaque in Guarani (AvaƱe'e)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

El Papa

The pope came to Paraguay this last Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Nobody worked for those three days, or went to school. All public transport was used to only those going to go see the Pope, and they even shut off the internet for 3 days! Gosh, it's been so annoying! Everyone is talking about the pope, all the televisions are talking about the pope, and everyone is even singing songs about the pope HA Sooooo annoying. The government here is run by catholics, and millions of dollars have been spent for him to come visit. Question of the week from every investigator, member: What is the difference between the Pope and "Your" prophet... HA Our prophet is called of God, and recieves revelation directly from Him!

Butttttt, it's all good! Because this week, we had a baptism! YEAHHHH gosh, I love baptisms. Christian, the son of a recent convert got baptised! He is super awesome, if only a bit timid ha But it was a great time. We had a few people jsut show up to church this past week who want to get baptised, so we have our work cut out for us for this next week. Including a 50 year old super awesome guy, who lost his family due to alcohol. The other Elders invited him to church on the street, and he came! Super prepared and ready to change and better his life through following Jesus Christ.

We also got to travel to Asuncion this week to see and talk to the new mission president! He is SO awesome. A much more serious and quiet soft speaking guy. But he has some great plans for the mission, and will change a lot with what we do to retain new converts in the church.

Other than that, not to much! The training is great, I really enjoy it. This week I'm turning 19 years old... So old! haha Interesting to think about how I will be here in Paraguay for the whole time I am 19! ha But I'm stoked. The mission is a great time! Had mexican food monday last week with all the Americans. Enjoyed some nice Tex/Mex food! Elder Greene (from my group) is my zone leader, and is also going to Utah State. (As you can see in the pic) We have already planned out our skiing trips for when we get back hahaha Love you guys!! Until next time

Elder Horton

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ciao Presidente!

This week, we all got together on Tuesday to say goodbye to our mission president. It was so great! Ate an amazing lunch, and got to see almost all of my old comps, seriously so great to see and talk to them all. They are all some great friends! haha Plus got to talk to the missionaries about my converts in my last area, sounds like they are almost all all doing great! Still don't know anything about the new mission president, except that he is from Uruguay!

The training finishes here in 3 weeks, and then I am going to be leaving this area. It's going to be so tough leaving Posta Leiva, it really is!! It's like pretty much my home, here. All the members are so great, and I have been so blessed with some great converts! Buttttttt that's life. Bleh, I don't even like thinking about it!!

Celebrated the 4th with a nice burger, and we retired an american flag that we found in the back of our house that had been destroyed by some latino elders! (I am just assuming) haha Pic attached

The training is going great! I have had a lot of time to study ha. BUT it's paying off with my Guarani! I've got half of the first vision down, a full testimony, and I am now working on saying a prayer! Super fun, and a huge challenge. We have starting playing soccer every night, me and the comp (A ball of tape as the ball, and chairs as the goals) haha Too much fun

Love you guys, hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Horton