Sunday, April 3, 2016

La Gran Mision Paraguay Asuncion

So here in Paraguay, it is a catholic tradition to celebrate the "Semana Santa" or "Holy Week" as a way to remember Jesus Christ, and it finished On Sunday, or Easter. Being here in the catholic capital of Paraguay, it has been ironically more difficult to teach about Jesus Christ, on the very week that is dedicated to him. Buttttt i'm sure the rainy cold weather didn't help either. ALRIGHT ENOUGH COMPLAINING

The nice part about the Semana Santa, is that everybody makes a traditional food called "Chipa", which is sort of a cheese bread, made with flour, eggs, corn flour, paraguayan cheese (The kind of cheese that looks and smells liek straight up rotten milk), and pig fat. They then take this dough, and form doughnuts, which they cook in a brick oven that they fuel with firewood. It's a proven fact that a solid 50% of the time, it's delicious, and the other 50% it's absolutely disgusting. But everyone has been giving us Chipa this week, we carried around bags to take home and eat the chipa that tastes good, and just threw out the bad chipa ha

This week are the changes... I hope I don't leave! I mean as hard as this area can be, it's going to be tough leaving behind the converts, especially the Baez family! But they did promise that if I get transfered they are going to prepare us a special meal of either 1) Cabeza de Chancho (Pig head) or 2) Jakare (Crocodile). I sure hope it's crocodile!

A family that we had found and been teaching in my last area, but couldn't get baptised because they had to work through a divorce finally got married and baptized this week! Almost one year and a half of attending church every week, and lots of sacrifice to pay to lawyer to get their marriage papers, and they finally got baptized!! It blows I couldn't be there, but oh welllllll what are you gonna do. And the important part is that they got baptized! ha

Stoked for general conference this week! Just as the children of Isreal were guided in the desert by a prophet, so are you and me.

Love you guys! Have a great week!

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