Monday, February 23, 2015


Waddup friends and fam. Currently sitting here writing you guys, and it just happened that there is a Beyonce song playing in this internet cafe how AWESOME is that. She kills it! Wow it's been too long since I have listened to REAL american music haha 

Anywaysss so this week! Has been way awesome. Having an american comp has been so nice. It is really interesting talking with him. We seem to have adapted our own Spanish/English/Guarani dialect, which is all together just really confusing haha For example, This is what my comp told me earlier today. Thought I would right it down to send it today "Our house is chuchi, but dormiendo without airre is the worstttttt" hahaha It makes no sense, but it really does! I dunno, It's weird. My comp is way cool though. Super obedient, and has a really kinda nerdy sense of humor but I love him anyways haha TOO many conversations about Lord of the Rings! 

So they is a lady named Rosa and her husband Mario, we are "Dry Members" Or members who still haven't gotten baptised. They have been waiting 1 year to get through a messy divorce until they can get their license to get married and then get baptised! They come to church EVERY sunday, and help out with baptisms and activities and stuff. They are about 50 years old, and super strong in the gospel! They have already been making arrangments to go on a couples mission. But yeah, they aren't even baptised yet! haha Butttt that's about to change! They are 95% positive that they will get their license this month, so I will most likely have the opportunity to baptise them. STOKED

We have also been teaching their 20 year old cousin, who is equally as awesome. Might get baptised this saturday, but if not for sure the following Saturday! We had a super spiritual lesson with her yesterday, because she has a bit of a problem... Her parents hate the church. they really don't want her to get baptised, but she really wants to! She knows the LDM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and everything. We had SUCH a great lesson with her, and at the end she asked me to give the prayer. Halfway through my prayer. she just starts bawling! Like crying hard core. I finished, and she jsut told us thanks so much, and that she felt a super strong impression that she needs to get baptised suring that prayer. It was so cool! One of the coolest experiences I have had in my mission. 

We also had 2 baptisms this week, which we were originally just planning on having one, but it just so happened that we found a former investigator we had been taught by the missionaries about 1 year ago, and wanted to get baptised! Miracles happen, you just have to be obedient! Which frankly, I have always had a tough time with. But I'm getting a lot better out here! It's nice to have a comp who helps you out to haha Anywayyyyy here are some pics! Thanks guys love you

Elder Horton

Monday, February 16, 2015


First transfer annnddddd.... I am 10 minutes away from my old area! Yayyyyyyyyyyy hahaha It's actually way different though. the new comp is American... Which means I can finally speak English, and have a decent conversation about something other than soccer YEAHHHHHH haha (God Bless America) We have also been making some sweet american style pancakes about every chance we get. The members here are so much better! haha My last area was TOUGH. But we have lunch with member almost every day. Usuallyyyyy eating tortillas with noodles or rice. Not bad! We've got some nice baptisms lined up this month, starting this Saturday, with a girl names Maitei (Which means 'Welcome' in Guarani). She is 12, and super capa! I mean cool ha We had 7 investigators at church this week, 2 of them were invited by memers to come. the work here is really great here in Posta Leiva! I'm still in a branch, but it's part of a stake. My other area was a branch as well, but part of a district! We have an attendance in church every week of about 90 people. I've also been able to meet up with a few converts and friends from Ita! haha Since it's super close, they were able to stop by and pay me a visit. It's been a lot more work here, which I have really enjoyed. Peruvians have a tendancy to get a little lazy... ha But we have been killin it these past few days. We live in a house with jsut me and my comp. It's a little older, and has a bit of a lizard infestation, but it'll do. We are in a district and zone with ALL Elders too, so that's gonna be a blast. the majority of Elders here are american too, so word I'm stoked. 

Monday, February 9, 2015


Soooooo this email right here is most likely my last email I will send you guys from here in Ita. There is a 90 percent chance I'm getting changed this wednesday! It's been a blst here, it really has. I have learned and grown so much these past 4 months! It's gonna be tough saying goodbye to all my friends here in Ita butttttt that's just how it goes our here in the mission. Ita means 'Stone' en Guarani... Hence the title of this email Ita ROCKED (¿Ha?) Punnyyyyyyy

This week... was HOT (Surprise surprise) So hot, that one day while we were walking down a paved street, my comps shoes started to melt. Like the rubber on the bottom of his shoes started melting off! haha So hot, that it burns when you accidentally touch your missionary plaque! Yeaahhhhh needless to say I'm a little sun-burned. When I first got here in Paraguay, I was showing signs of gaining weight buttttt.... Burned it ALL off! I feel even skinnier now than when I left. (DANG) Like that bums me out more than anything! haha It's just due to all of this darned walking and walking and walking and walking in the sun.

This past week was awesome! But kinda bittersweet. We have 2 baptisms this Saturday... But I'm not gonna be here DANG IT hahaha Soooooo this week.. let's see... Oh yeah! One of our investigators died. He is a guy that is about 50 years old, and lives alone in a brick hut in the middle of 'The Chakra' (A farm). He had accpepted a date for his baptism and everything! Butttt one day, we went to visit his sister (Member) And there was a huge gathering of people at her house. We thought it was some sorta fiesta or something but nope, It was his funeral! sadly, we didn't even realize this, until we looked over in a strange wooden box on the table and saw our dead investigator... AHHHH it startled me so bad! haha My comp too. hahaha It was really sad but kinda funny at the same time. Oh welllll temple baptisms are easier anyways... Ahhhhhh that's terrible! hahaha He was a cool guy. Only spoke Guarani, but way humble and nice! 

Well, love you guys a ton! Until next week... PEACE

Elder Horton 

Monday, February 2, 2015


Todayyyyyy I'm out here in Paraguari on splits with another american elder! My comp went to some conference thing for all the leaders in the mission in Asuncion, so I'm out here for the day kickin it with him and the other elders! It's been a blast. their area is way different! Crazy jungle and even a few ´Mountains´ haha (Hillis) We woke up this morning bright andearly and took a jog up to the top of one of them! The sight was incredible. Maybe I'm just super crazy missing mountains, because Paraguay is really not that pretty of a country! haha Aaaaaaand I brought my camera up with me, but it was out of battery. Sooooo dang no pics for today! Hope everyone is doing well and loving the cold. Love you guys!

Elder Horton