Monday, April 27, 2015

Jaha 30

Changes for a day with Elder Cutera from Bolivia!

Baptism of Jazmin and her sister Kamila! 
My man Fabio

Well, so Augusto who was going to get baptised this week smoked, so he will have to wait till next Saturday which was kind of a bummer.... but we did find 3 miracles baptisms to replace him! ha It's amazing what the Lord will do when you work with all your efforts and have the enough sufficient faith. I gave it my all this week... and I may have over done it because Saturday night after our baptisms, I got SUPER sick, and had a fever all that night, and all Sunday.... and right now too ha I was in bed all day yesterday, which KILLS me! I honestly hate it so much. I was able to go to church though, which was good. But after, I went home and crashed until 8 o'clock that night. I am hoping and praying that it's not Dengue... But I don't think so! If you could send a few prayers my way, it would be greatly appreciated! ha But yeah. We have seen so many miracles in our district this month, it's been so amazing. We have baptised 22 people, as a district of 4 companionships, which is the most a district has baptised in all the mission this month, and very well could be close to an all time record in the Mission Paraguay Asuncion! Yeahhhhh! haha It's been such a blast too. Lots of work, and even more faith! We get a new mission president here in about a month and a half, which I am really stoked for. He is from Uruguay, the President Wilson. Anyways, that's all I've got for now ha Love you guys!

Elder Horton

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

Jello Pudding Yeahhh!

The Comp. Elder Cronin
Breakfast Burrito

Another great week here in Paraguay :) haha It rained a whole lot! Almost every day. It's gettin ginto the winter season here in Parguay, which is a bit different that back home. Turns out, it actually does is cold ha It's supposed to his (The Cold) this month and next month! This week, we spent a few days 100% soaked, walking around for miles, knocking, well clapping, at peoples houses. Even with the members, it's hard to get in and teach them when it rains! ha We had a few miracles this week in church. Two people were brought to church by a few members, and we didn't know either of them before Sunday in church haha And they both want to get baptised too! Which. Is. So. Awesome. Especially after walking around in the rain for a few days! ha We have one investigator, Augusto, who is gonna get baptised this Saturday. He seperated from his girlfriend, who he was living with, to do it! HE is like 40 years old, and sells "Chipa", a paraguayan donut thing (Made with corn and pìg fat) for a living on his motorcycle. He is way cool haha And he quit smoking too! Way cool to see the changes he has made in his life, because of Jesus, and his Atonement for us. My comp is so awesome too. I seriously feel so blessed that I get to be with him! haha HE is not afraid to lay down the law either. We went to help some people attend church on Sunday, and they didn't want to leave their house and come with us. He shared a few powerful scriptures with them.... haha Check out Heleman 13, the last for verses haha Anyways sorry for the unorganized letter. A thought to finish: Had interviews with the mission president this week! I asked him what it means to be a successful missionary, and he told me that " A successful missionary is someone who, after his mission, always puts God above everything else in his life" Really made me think differently on everything, and all the habits I make here on the mission. Anyways, love you guys! Thanks for the awesome support and encouragement!

Elder Horton

Monday, April 13, 2015


Welllllll so this week. Was something special. ha! It was all going good, up until about Friday. We had 5 baptisms planned fro this Saturday, they had their Baptismal Interview, their papers filled out, their lessons, and everything ready for their baptisms. As we made our rounds Friday, to double check that everything was good for their baptisms, problems started popping up with every. single. one of them. ha! A few of them got surprise visits by their pastors from their menonite church, and changed their minds, the other had second thoughts, and didn't want to attend church every Sunday, and the other had an aunt come in and stop a baptism.... ha! Satan work just as hard as we do for every baptism! Every soul is such a fight. SO we ended up having just one baptism this week, which I am still extremely grateful. It was for Cristofer, a 9 year old boy, whos parents are menus active. Not to mention it was one of the coolest baptsims we have had. We assigned one of my converts, his name is Carlos, to give a talk, ( He is 11 years old) And he KILLED it! He is the only member in his family, and walks to church by himself every week. In the middle of his talk, he walked over to Cristofer, (the kid getting baptised) And gave him a huge hug, and just started crying because he was so happy that he decided to get baptised! haha I got hit with the spirit so hard, and seriously couldn't stop crying! ha Everybody was super touched by it, it was so awesome. He is a future missionary for sure! haha Butttt yeah. Lots of work! haha My comp was sick yesterday, so we had to stay in. It was so weird to just sit there. It has been a while since I have had time to just sit and relax haha He goes home in three weeks, so I think the stres of it all is getting to him! I have been learning a lot of Guarani with him. If you speak Guarani, it automatically gains trust from members and investigators, and I really do enjoy learning and speaking it too so its perfect haha Butttttttt other than that not much else out of the ordinary happened this week. I got to play Lord of the Rings on an acordeon! hahaha The guys acordeon literrally costs more than his house, so I felt pretty honored. Anywayyyyysssss so thanks for the love and support! Until next week!
Elder Horton
Baptism of Christopher

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bienvenidos a la Conferencia General....

Bautismos... Everybody...

Not the prettiest thing to wake up to in the morning!

Okay, so this week has been NOTHING but work. ha We havent done anything these past 7 days but walk, teach, eat, and plan. Ahhhh man it's so awesome too. I'm finally starting to feel the spirit of the mission. Before it was just like yeahhhh I will work, and help and teach, but my heart wasn't in it. Something has just clicked here in this last change, that has helped me truly give it my all. We had 5 baptisms this week, which was a huge blessing, of which I am truly grateful. We had it on Sunday and baptised them right after the first session of conference. I was able to watch/listen to conference in English for  most of the time, but Spanish for the priesthood session. I even got to listen to a bit in Guarani! ha We were able to bring with us to general conference a total of 11 investigators, which is HUGE (The most I have ever had at church). Especially considering the fact that we had to travel an hour in a bus to get to the nearest stake center. We then treated ourselves to a bit of pizza and a chocolate milkshake after YUMMMMM (First of either of those in 7 months) ha Elder Cronin goes home after this change, which is a bummer! Imma miss him a bunch. We have a few baptisms planned for this week. Would you please pray for Esteven, so that he can quit breaking the word of wisdom, and Augusto, so that he can get married! I really have learned so much from my comp. Especially about Faith! With faith, we can really do anything, even move mountains like the scriptures explain. And if so, why not use our Faith to help others come unto christ? My comp is constantly asking me, "Elder, que tal su Fe?" or "Elder, how's your faith?" haha At times, after getting rejected by crazy catholics, or losing a golden investigator, it's easy to lose the hope of finding that miracle of a person, who is chosen and prepared to be baptised. But the truth is, is that person is out there. You just have to maintain the faith that you can, and will find the people chosen specifically for you. ha The mission is the best. Ah, I just feel like I'm on some sort of spiritual high, especially after that awesome general conference. ha! Anyways, I hope you guys have enjoyed the easter season there in good old SLC! haha It's a bit different down here as one would imagine. LOTS of drunk people and obnoxious music! haha Anyways, have a great week everyone! Thanks for the emails of support and encouragement. 

Love you guys!

Elder Horton