Sunday, April 3, 2016


This week was normal ha

We traveled to Asuncion (The capital) so I could sign some imigration papers, so that blew. Pretty much wasted a whole day traveling to get to there, only to sign two papers and take a picture. BUT we did stop by Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet, so that was AMAZING. Seriously the best thing that has entered into my mouth since August of 2014 ha

Other than that, it rained a bunch this week, which always slows down the work a bit. We spent a lot of it with the family that got baptized jsut last week... they are so cool haha We have such a blast together. They are something so sp├Ęcial to me, I just wish you could see them like I do! haha IT makes the days spent soaking wet, walking for hours on end talking with everyone so worth it. It brings me real joy watching them change their lifes, and share the message of the gosple with family and friends. The mom of the family walked 2 hours with her two daughters to get to and from her friends house to visit them with the misionaries. They payed their tithing yesterday too, hardly even members do that here ha

This week we will be having the visit of one of the 70. That will be exciting.

So I'm starting to struggle inwardly with staying focused in on the work, and not thinking about how I will be home in less than 5 months. Any advice on what I can do to stay concentrated on the work and give it my all with this little time that I have left? It would be greatly appreciated!

Love you guys

Elder Horton

And I had awesome pics this week! But they won't load on this computer, so I will just have to describe them:

1. A scrumptiously delicious sandwich made of fried large cow intestine (a.k.a. Mundungo)

2. Me in my black suit... but it's no normal black suit! It's got the paraguayn and american flags sowen in on the inside!

3. Me and a bunch of sweaty missionaries just finishing from playing soccer. Same old same old

I hope you enjoyed my pics! Ahhhhhhh no offense but the weekly email thing got old like a year ago haha But love you guys, that I do! Take care


  1. I had a really hard time the last 3 months. It was mostly from being tired and working so many 11-12 hour days the previous 19 months. I kept pressing on remembering that I was there to teach people I know were prepared for me to teach. I found lots of people those last 3 months. The success rate didn't matter to mensure because I wanted to be sure my last companion had people prepared when I left. Just remember who you are and why you've been there.

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