Monday, October 26, 2015

Vaca Acanguay (Cow Head Bone)

This was the highlight of my week for sure: Showing up to lunch on Saturday and seeing a Cow Head on the grill. I thought they were kidding, but turns out that legit was our lunch. I had the pleasure of eating the: Lips, Tongue (Actually not too bad), and a little piece of the brain! (That one was tough going down) hahaha Delicious

Milking a goat was a lot of fun. Drinking the milk I had jsut taken out of it not too much

Just read my email from the mission president! Annndddd I have permission to go with the Family Jara to the temple!!!! YEAHHHHHH Temple trip

This week was an awesome week. Lot's of teahcing, and finding great investigators. We had some extremely spiritual lessons yesterday with a less active family (Who were once temple workers) and then with the neighbor of a member who is looking desperately for a church to join. We based both lessons on the proclamation to the world about the Family. We just read it, and let the spirit take over. Both the less active family and investigator ended up tearing or crying in the lesson, you could really see that they had desires to change and come unto christ

Coca Cola is doing a promo where if you bring in 5 green bottle tops and a coca cola 1 and a half liter bottle, you get a coke for free. We have been searching all week long for green bottal tops, and we havwe amassed quite a collection. We even turned it into a game! If you find a bottle top, you ahve to contact the first person you see haha It's been a week filled with talking to a bunch of random people it's been so much fun. haven't found anybody too great yet, but I still ahve the hope that we will ha

Love you guys, have a great Halloween!

Elder Horton

It's raining today, but just yesterday it was 111 degrees! Oh Paraguay...

Monday, October 19, 2015


The comp, Elder Cutera! He is half Peruano, half Brazilian! 

It's incredible how fast the weeks fly by here in the mission, I can hardly believe it. Every day is such an amazing adventure here in the mission. This last week has been more normal than the weeks before, lots of work, but we saw little to no results in the church on Sunday. Looks like we will be changing our vision and way of working to see if we can see more results.

Convert updates:

This last week, a family in my last area that we had helped reactivate, and start going to church again asked special permission rom the mission president to see if we could go to the temple with them (Me and my last comp Elder Savastano) So I am sure hoping that they give us permission to go!

Cinthya, the girl that got baptised like 6 months ago gave a talk in church a few weeks ago, and is getting her papers ready for the mission... cheeaahhh

Thats it for now ha

This week, we have recieved a lot of help and references with a member, the Hermana Olga. She is a lady who recently got baptised with all her family like 10 months ago, and she helps us out so much. She is honestly so cool too haha We are always stopping by her house and she hooks us up with the best food. She even has a herd of goats that I'm going to milk this week haha But she just takes us around to visit all her friends, it's so dope! haha Found like 4 more families to teach with her yesterday

Love you guys!

Elder Horton

Monday, October 12, 2015

Woops no hay tiempo

This week has been so insane. Long story short, we lost our keys to our house, hitchhiked to the city to get them at about 11 oclock at night (Left them in the house of other Elders), I was sick for two days, probably the most sick I have been in all my mission, and had my first baptismal interview with a murderer. Turns out the guy had killed someone!! I had to call directly the president of the mission, and then return to the interview to get more details of what happened exactly, how long ago and everything. He had killed someone 24 years ago, and served 5 years and 6 months in prison (The time one serves here for killing someone) But other than that, didn't want to tell me any of the details, so I imagine it was pretty horifying ha We have to send in a letter to the first presidency to see what this guy has to do to get baptised! Usually about a year straight of church attendance without missing. We finished his interview at about 9:30, and ended up having to just spend the night in that city we were in (About 30 minutes bus ride away from our house) There wasn't any room to sleep, so we had to put thier 2 beds together and sleep nice and cuddled up ha Needledd to say I need a nap today ha

Love you guys all! Have a fantastic week

Elder Horton

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conferencia General

Me and the Gang! We all got to Paraguay together 1 year ago this week. It's been such an awesome journey!

Me and my converts who got baptized last general conference exactly 6 months ago. They have come so far since then. It's been awesome to see their growth.

General Conference as a missionary is literaly better than christmas. I couldn't sleep the night before I was so excited! The messages that were given were truly inspiring, and inspired, seeing that here in the Church of Jesus Christ we have living prophets and apostles. My favorite? Couldn't choose... But if I had to it would easily be the talk by Elder Jeffrey R Holland about motherhood, mothers are the best, and by Mom's the best, so that makes her the best of the best! haha On a more manly theme, I did really enjoy the talk given by Deiter F Uckdorf in the Priesthood session about Daniel the prophet. He applied his life's story so well to us as priesthood holders, and members of the only true church to stand up for what's right. In short: Best. Weekend. Ever.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week! It rained on Wednesday, well I guess more like it troipical rainstormed on Wednesday. We left the house anyways, determined to share the gospel with all the world!! So we walked around, clapping in front of every door (They clap here), but nobody wanted to let in two soaking wet missionaries. Sooooo a few hours later we decided to just go visit New Converts, and in the process found like 5 new investigators! Jsut comes to show that members are the key ha

I'm 6 foot 5, my comp is barely 5 feet tall. I feel like a giant 24/7

We are going to grill a bunch of meat on our roof today in a "Parilla" or grill that we borrowed from our neighbors. Che aipota so'ombichy heterer'i.

Love you guys!

Elder Horton