Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Temple Trip

Me and the kid (my comp.)

El Templo de Asuncion, Paraguay and the zone!  

Always be prepared (with rain gear) especially true in Paraguay!

Week 3 of training, and I feel like I'm finally getting used to it all. It's honestly such a challenge! It's tough at times, especially with staying organized haha Our house was a trainwreck! hahaha Spent a few hours scrubbing mold off of the plates last night, it was not too enjoyable. ha. 

This past Tuesday, we all we able to go the the temple too! It was SO great! Something I really needed ha. We got up at 3 in the morning, hopped on a bus for a bit, and got to the temple at about 7 o'clock! We spent alllllll day there, doing baptisms, confirmations, iniciatories, a session, and my comp and I were the only people who got to do it, but we even got to do sealings! It. Was. So. Awesome. My first time going through the temple in spanish and actually understanding it! haha And honestly, it just lifted me up, and changed my mentality of missionary work. It helped me to realize more of the eternal perspective on missionary work, and the importance of giving it my all in this super short time of 2 years to bring as many living souls to christ as possible. It reminds me a lot of the scripture found in 2 Kings 6:16 "Wherefore, don't fear, for there are more that are with us than those that are against us" We have got literally God and all of his angelic servants on our side, and although they may not be seen, they sure are felt, guiding and leeding us every day. But the temple really is one of the parts I miss most about home. Like I wish I could go more than once a year! I took it so much for granted before.

The weather here is starting to turn into winter I think? ha It's just rainy all the time, and still super humid. The guy I'm training, Elder Savastano is so great. He is just like another brother to me! ha We spend a bit too much time talking, and it can cut into out sleeping time every once and a while... haha But he is almost a big a fan of Lord of the Rings as I am, so it's tough! haha We almost had a baptism this week, but he drank coffee the night before his baptism. For sure this week though! ha Anways, love you guys so much! Gotta run

Elder Horton

Monday, May 18, 2015


Elder Savastano, mi hijo! haha

The Zone 10 yeahhhh


So Paraguay is great. Ha I love it so much! Been working so hard this week, it's been a blast. The training is good, although way tough. It's getting to the point where Elder Savstano wants to help out in the lessons, but there is jsut a bit of a language barrier, so it's kinda tough on him. 4 hours of study every day is a bit difficult tooooooo ha But we had a baptism this week! His name is Wilson, he is 18 years old, and such a great guy. He has been waiting to turn 18 to get baptised, because his parents wouldn't let him. He turned 18 this last Friday, and got baptised Sunday before church! He is one of those people that you could just talk with for hours. He is SO smart, and knows so much about the church, and the bible, and jsut everything ha He has super interesting questions and ideas, it's a blast teaching him! He is super excited to go on a mission too, and is going to get the priesthood this week in church. So awesome! ha He lives superrrrr far away, in the part of our area we call "Egypt" because you just walk forever in the sand to get there hahaha Tomorrow we get to go to the temple, and I am SO excited! This will be my first time in the temple here in Paraguay, and I only get to go twice in my mission, so I can't wait!! Been studying a lot this week about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Never before have I done an in-depth study of it before, but it really helped me understand more about his sacrifice, it was a really neat and humbling experience. Ah, man I love the Jesus The Christ point of view on it! Well, got to head out! Love you guys so much, thanks for the love and support! 

Elder Horton

Monday, May 11, 2015


The District

Flooded the church... oops!

Baptism of Favian!

So great to Skype the fam this week! I love themmmmmm ha So I've got a new comp! Elder Savastano Aaaaandddd my comp is well... new haha New here to Paraguay! I'm training him ha He is from Arizona, and is 20 years old! He got baptised a year and a half ago, and is already out which is way cool. BUttttttt as you would imagine he doesn't speak much spanish, so I have really had teach a lot ha It's really fun to see him react to all the weird things that happen here in Parguay, it's like re-living how it was when I first got here haha Like things that are normal for me, are WAY weird for him! Like he is so scared of all the stray dogs, like it's kinda funny hahaha BUtttttttt That's about it gotta run! Love you guyyyssssss

Elder Horton

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye!

Cynthia y su bautismo!
You have no idea how hard it is to get Pizza Hut delivered to Paraguay!

Moto Taxi!  A motorcycle pulled wagon is the mode of transportation

Man tough CrOWd!

Saying goodbye to my comp this week! (Elder Cronin) He takes off this Wednesday back to Utah.... Ahhhh man it's tough being his last comp! I mean, I love it because I get all of his stuff, but he is jsut thinking and talking about home all the time, so it's tough to not miss home like crazy! haha And it didn't help for nothing that I was in my bed sick for the first few days of this week either. Buttttttt I'¡m better now! haha Being sick on the mission is the worst, because you just wanna be out working so bad! Although I have found out it is not the best thing to tell the members that you are sick, because then they want to help you out hahaha Like it's great because they do it because they love you, but their medicine practice is a bit.... tribal ha Like I have tried some weird remedies this week! One family made me like a weird tea from this plant that made my throat tingle. Another member gave me a back massage with a bottle, and put some leaf that looked an awfully lot like Marijuana down my shirt hahaha I feel like I was just missing a healing man dance to get em feeling 100% again! hahaha But hey, I'm not about to complain, it worked!

This week, we had a baptism of a 17 year old girl named Cynthia, who is way awesome! A member invited her to church, and she already has a ton of friends, and goes to seminary. WE have another baptism this Tuesday for someone named Fabian! HE is one of my favorite people I have met in Paraguay hahaha He speaks nothing of Spanish, so his family helps us translate, bet he is super humble and way willing to follow God! After we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he threw away all of his cigarettes and alcohol, and hasn't touched them since! haha He is so awesome. Way stoked for his baptism this Tuesday! This Wednesday are changes.... dun dun dun! I am nervoussssss I have No idea what's gonna happen, or who is gonna be my next comp! Butttttt whatever it may be, it's the Lords will :) haha Today, we are going to the temple for my first time here in Paraguay!..... to clean! haha Yeahhhhh I'm way excited. And I get to Skype this week too, way stoked to see the fam :) Love you guys! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Kyle Horton