Sunday, May 1, 2016


There is a torrential rainpour coming down right now, holy cow!!

Pero bueno... tomorrow I get to go to the temple for the first time in almost a yearrrrr YEAH It should be fun. Also we got a local missionary yesterday (Who are normal Paraguayans who serve for a transfer) from my old area! She was my almost convert, but I baptised her mom and her brother! It was great to see her and here that everything is going well back in Posta Leiva.

This last week we had 5 investigators come to church... and they are hardcore progressing! A family will get baptised this 17th of May, things are about to get real crazy. I really feal like my comp and I teach very very well together. Everything just flows, and the spirit is almost always present. (Except when the lessons get interrupted by drunks... which happens more than you would think)

We had to travel 2 hours in bus to do a baptismal interview and finished at about 6 in the afternoon.... only to find out that the busses stopped at about 5, so we were basically stranded in the middle of no where for the night. We decided to start walking, and eventually had to resort to hitch hiking to get us back home. A nice semi truck driver stopped and picked us up. He was 20 years old, and a really crazy driver (He has no drivers licensing, he said his uncle taught him how to drive) but we got him all safe and sound.

A recent convert is passing througha hard time with her family... they basically got in a huge fight, and they want to kick her out of the house with her family. She has been really devestated by this, and is asking herself, and us, some really tough questions... like why does bad stuff happen to good people? And why is she recieving so much opposition from everything by joining the church? Sooooo we tried explaining to her that there is opposition in all things, and that Satan has to be present for us to have agency (The freedom to choose), and a whole other bunch of stuff like that. I decided to dedicate an hour long study sesh to the subject and found some great scriptures, mostly taken from the story of Job in the bible, who passed through a LOT of trials. But he asked himself the following, after having lost EVERYTHING and being cursed with boils, and it sounded quite similar to the question the sister had.. "Why, when I look for good then evil clave unto me?" It's honestly so true though... There is jsut SO much opposition when someone tries to do what's right... I have seen in COUNTLESS of times, every day, here in the mission. But it is just a portion of what the Savior had to pass through.,. I can't even imagine how unfair he thought life was... But he just so humbly submitted to evertyhing the Lord had in store for him. How truly amazing He is.

Well, love and care for you mucho! 101 days left... haha

Elder Horton

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