Monday, January 25, 2016


This week...

We worked with all we had

We arranged a wedding for an investigator... for the 12th of February!

We didn't have time to look for the tribe

I played soccer in the rain

Gave away a lot of Books of Mormon

Ate fried chicken every day.

Well. That pretty much sums it up! I took pictures, but they will have to wait for next week... The computers here are a bit slow ha I am enjoying every second, the people here are amazing, if a bit catholic. Pretty much our area is known as being pretty hard... But this week proved me that miracles are everywhere to be found, depends on our faith and diligence, that's it. Love you guys!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Ca'acupe in White Wash

So... I got transferred. ha! FINALLY 11 months in my last area. I was ready to move on. And so here I am now... In the city of Ca'acupe, otherwise known as the Sin City of Paraguay, becuase this city is known as the catholic capital of Paraguay. The City of the Churches. It's about 2 and a half hours out of the capital, Asuncion. And to add to it, me and my comp got here in White Wash, where they take out the two missionaries that were there before, and put us new guys in. Neither of us know the area, and to add to it, we are the Zone Leaders here. Despite all of that stressful hard stuff, it has been such. a. blast.

So I boarded a small colorful packed bus, solo, without a cell phone, with my suitcases and no more than the name of the city to get me here. The bus took me through a hilly, canyon jungle and I finally got here, in Caacupe, where the bus dropped me off in the Basilica (is that a word in engish?) It's a small city, with kind of a touristy feel to it. It's set in the middle of two huge hills. I was able to find the house where the missionaries lived by asking around, and finally met my comp, el Elder Gavidia, from Peru. I am training him to be a Zone Leader, he has about one year in the mish. He's a great guy, just always super happy. Our Area were we work in is HUGE. an a map, it reaches about 20 to 25 kilometers in diameter, with a small part here in the city, and the rest takes you through jungle trails, and little communities of people. Lots. Of. Walking.

The branch here has a zone covering 3 cities, and there are 8 missioniaries woring in it to cover it all. It's... known to be a difficult area, Ca'acupe. For example, last year in the branch, there were 100 baptisms, which is a LOT. Buttttt only about 8 of those 100 people are still attending...

Something strange about here in Ca'acupe, is that there a lot of German families here, that immigrate here (I don't have any idea why) and live in secluded farm lands about a 2 hour walk from our house, there are no busses- A few are members, we had a lesson with a man from Germany the other day while contacting... Never thought I would get to do that here ha

But, other than that, I am super happy to ge here. The area is Beautiful... It's so much fun. We have heard rumors from the members and missionaries that there is a tribe of guarani living in our area (Indiginous) jsut to sum up how awesome this place is. We WILL be looking for them this week. I will keep you updated!

Love you guys!

Elder Horton

Visit from Elder Cronin

Monday, January 11, 2016


Just to let everyone know, I am felling 100% better, I woke up Tuesday feeling almost normal, and by Wednesday I had absolutely no side effects. Thanks for your prayers on my behalf, I could feel your love all the way here in Paraguay!

This week was filled with so many blessings... First and foremost, one of my comps that finished his mission in May came and visited me with his parents!! (Elder Cronin) haha He surprised me at our house. He was waiting for us with McFurries and amercan stuff... It was so cool to see him again! haha And kind of weird. It was more weird to see and talk to American parents again! hahaha He then went and visited some of our converts the next day... seriously such a cool and spiritual guy. For sure will be kicking it up at USU together

As far as investigators go... it's been tough lately. This week ws the first time we didn't have an investigator in church in like 2 months... But we will be finding all this week new people to teach. Alsooooo this week is Transfers. Will I leave my area? Hmmmmmm... we will ahve to see..

We did divisiones with the asistents this week... haha That was kind of stressful. But I enjoyed it! ha I don't know why, but I truly enjoyed this last Sunday. I really just felt like I had the spirit with me, and had a great study in Luke 15, and Alma 36-39. Some great scriptures!

Love you guys

Elder Horton

Thursday, January 7, 2016


What a week... The first half was a party, but I spent the last half in bed... sick... again. Let me explain:

So Friday comes, and we had been looking forward to spending it as a district cooking american style wings, with teryaki and buffalo wing sauce for lunch, and then run around all day and play soccer. Aaaaanddddd it was so much fun!! haha The most fun I have had in a while. Seriously, I miss being able to interact with americans, I am now realizing how dry and boring it is being 24/7 with a Peruvian. He's cool... kinda ha But other than the work, we basically have nothing in common ha But after the activity, we started getting ready for our baptism we were going to have the next day, when I just started throwing up... and it continued... all night long and put me in bed all Saturday (Spent out baptism we had in the bathroom.) I am looking surprisingly good in the pic for having been half dead! ha Aaaaaaaand pretty much it's continued until today. I'm not like throwing up anymore, but I have zero desires to eat, therefore making me super tired, which in turn gives me less desires to eat. It's a vicious cycle. For sure going to the hospital tomorrow if it doesn't get better. Also there is something weird growing on my left hand, so they can check that out too. I Love Paraguay. Ha! It doesn't help that it's hotter than heck either

But no worries, because I think I am getting better. I had a little pity party last night, literally my body jsut all hurt from being in bed so long. After I finished complaining, I felt impressioned to pick up the book "Our Heritage", which I didn't set down until I finished it. It humbled me reading about all the trials and difficulties early church members had to go through, and how they were able to endure. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and keep on moving forward. One story, about the Martin Handcart company really stook out to me, when one of the company members said after they had crossed the plains that "They and become aquainted with God through all their afflictions, the price which was a privilege to pay." And boy am I becoming aquainted with my God. My faith could never be brighter that everything will be alright :)

Love you guys! Have a great 2016