Monday, March 7, 2016

La Boda y El Dentista

So... we had the wedding of the familia Baez this week! Everything went so well. It was very well organized and carried out, we had the help of a lot of members, so it made it a lot easier. They invited a bunch of neighbors and firends to thier wedding and baptism, I would say there was abut 20 or 30 new investigators present! we had the baptismal service right after the wedding, and it was so spiritual. We watched a few videos and the branch president talked about Obedience. It has been so inspiring watching the familia Baez change... And truly become converts! The best part is that we didn't do hardly anything, it was all the spirit! Aaaaaand the mission president just happened to show up to our church meeting on Sunday t watch them get confirmed. Word.

Also, I had to go to the dentist the other day... I had been having really bad tooth pain for a few days. But I am afraid of the medical service here so I didn't want to go get it lookied at haha But eventually I just couldn't take it any more. We found the closest dentist available (Who lives in a little brick house abut half a block from the house)... Let me just leave it it that. This is one of those "This story will have to wait until I get home, if not my Mom will worry too much and call the mission president again to check on her 'Precious baby boy'"... But it only costed 15 bucks for everything! Talk about great health care

Love you guys,

Elder Horton

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