Sunday, July 3, 2016

Returning to Ita

So this week has been too insane... I can't believe I really am back where I started it all! Ita is a beautiful city, and I am so glad that the Lord has called me back here. I have seen an amazing growth here in the branch since I left it more than a year and a half ago. Not necesarily in numbers, but more so in the maturity of the leaders, and quality of the meetings. They have gotten so much better! I had my first Branch Cousel Meeting in like 5 months, and the classes where way fun. We got to the Aaronic priesthood class this Sunday, and it was so great. They are the life of the branch here. There are 3 missionaries that have left since I was first here, and many more are preparing everything to leave on the mission within the next year (5 or 6 more) which is incredible. It has been so much fun visiting all the members here... the majority surprisingly still remember me!! ha Which is funny, because when I was first here, I hardly spoke spanish... and now as I finish my mission, I could converse with everyone in Guarani! ha

This week, we will be having 2 baptisms, one called √Ďaisendy (Light of the moon), and Tobias, 2 youth who ware super prepared and excited to get baptised. In both cases, their parents are recent converts, so it will be great having them there to help them keep attending church for after they get baptized

Soooo my comp is Columbian, from Bogota! He is such a stud, but has a very different personality. It's like a dry sarcastic humor, it's hilarious! Him and a few other members pulled a prank on me when I got to the area on Tuesday. We went to go visit a new convert, and when we got there, and entered her house, she was sitting down on the table fake crying holding a needle and a bottle of liquid! I was so shocked!! My comp started getting mad at her for relapsing, and starting to use drugs again, and I was suuuuuper confused. My comp looked at me, like telling me to share something with her to help her, but nothing came to mind! I just stood there stuttering haha I gave the cheesiest testimony that God loves her, and that she is his daughter, when they all started laughing at me, and that's when I caught on that it was all a joke! How awful is that, right?? hahaha

So that's pretty much it. Our zone is here honestly struggling for the moment, we hope to go visit a few areas this week to help out some of the branches that are having difficulties. I lvoe being a missionary, it's been too much fun :)

Love you


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