Sunday, July 24, 2016

20 Anos

So after a week of rest, boy was I ready to leave the apartment Friday morning to start working again ha It's hard getting all the energy and flow back after being out for a whole week with the flu, but we've been giving it our all! The investigators that are progressing the most right now is Luis and Sandra, the brother of the branch president and his wife. They recently moved in with him, and live with their 4 kids. I had actually known and taught the Brother (Luis) a year and a half ago on exchanges I did with other elders, which is quite the coincidence! But anyways, we have seen the most amazing change in him and his family. Before, they lived in Sandra's house (Of her family), but once her family heard that she was planning on getting baptized, kicked her out her family out of her house, and stopped communicating with her. She took it very hard... as anyone would! But has found a strength and peace that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is just one of the may miracels I witness daily being a full time missionary in the coolest country ever ha

And yesterday was my birthdayyyy!! WOOHOOO I passed it very well. A few families invited us over for lunch and dinner with cake to top things off! A few converts from one of my earlier areas came and brought me a delicious cake, and a Sister, also from another ward, hunted me down and surprised me with Empanadas (Yum!) and a white tie made from Ao Poi, a style of Paraguayan art. It's super sweet, and I am super grateful to be a part of this work, this people love the missionaries so much, and I love them right back :) Ahhh man, all the little things just start making me all emotional, knowing that I will soon be leaving all of this behind... But that love and gratitude that the poeple here have shown me is something I will never forget. Next Monday, I take my final trip to the temple with all the other elders and sisters that I am going home with, and the following Tuesday I have my last interview with me Mission president. I honestly don't know how to feel or think about all of this. a few months ago I longed to be where I am now, but now that I'm here, wrapping things up, I long to be where I was 3 months ago! But, I guess I just will have to enjoy it while it lasts :)

Love you guys, thanks for the birthday wishes!

Elder Kyle Horton

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