Saturday, July 9, 2016


What a whirlwind this last week was... But that's jsut how it is when you've got to organize 2 baptisms, baptismal interviews, have a Zone Training and are doing a bunch of excercizes because you are 23 months in the mission and realize that you are still a little on the shrimpy side ha (Skinny guy probs) Pero bueno..

So it's 5 o clock, 2 hours before the baptism, and we are feeling good. We've got our suit coats on, and head out the door with the Brownies and Lemon Bars that we've made for the after baptism refreshment. We get to the church, open the door to the Baptismal Font that we spent all day filling and..... The water is YELLOW!! We turned into a panic, and started bailing out the water by hand, knowing that the pump takes a solid hour and a half to take the water out. An hour later, it was empty, and we were tired (and not to mention sweaty). The font just barely filled up in time for the baptism, but it was quite the close call! haha (And my back and legs still kill btw)

The kid who got baptized (Tobias, age 15) I found out this week that he is the son of a guy who got baptized when I was here a year and a half ago. The dad was a reference that we got from his friend (Member) in a lunch we had with him... a year and a half ago later, and him, his wife, and now his son are members of the church. They are planning on getting sealed this october! I can hardly believe the progress the Hermano Gamarra has made

Well, to celebrate the 4th today, we have taken the decision to make Hot Dogs and drink Coca Cola. I'm pretty stoked to say the least

Love you guys, light some fireworks off for me! Just know that fireworks here don't cost an arm and a leg... It's about 25 cents for a pack of 20 firecrackers

Anyways... God Bless the USA

Elder Kyle Horton

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