Friday, June 17, 2016


So teaching a blind guy in guarani was a lot more dificult than we thought it would be! But it's all good, we just pretty much have been resorting to having a few members come and help us out with the visits. Sadly Steven coudln't make it to church yesterday.. hardly anybody could! It was extremely cold yesterday morning, and nobody has hot water showers... or really showers! They just resort to a bucket of faucet water and a bar of soap! Burrrr!

Other than that, we had a unique experience to document the 'Chipa' making process, which I will now explain. So Chipa is a paraguayan cheasebread made with the following ingredientes: Eggs. Fat, (Usually pig fat). Parguayan cheese (Doesn't taste good at all... unless cooked), salt, and Mandioca flour, mixed with water. It's a very famous paraguayan food, it can be bought by multiple street venders that sell it on the busses, in street markets, and even with door to door motorycycle service. It costs about 5,000 guarani's (a little less then a dollar) for a big piece. We have a few recent converts and investigators that are featured below in the pictures that are Chipa sellsman. They make about on average 30 bucks a day (Minimum wage is about 12 USD $ a day) , which is extremely good for Paraguayan standards, and are self employed. The best is that they always share their fresh out of the 'Tatakua' (translation Tata - fire, kua - hole) or paraguayn brick oven (as shown below). It is not the most hygenic process, due to the fact of mixing and roling the dough with your bare hands, but I feel as if the extremely hot 'Tatakua' should burn off all dangerous diseases.

Well, the work continues here in Caacupe. It's been such a joy working with these wonderful people. They aren't perfect, but I guess I'm not either so we get along just fine. I also was able to dish out a lot of trash due to the U.S. beating Paraguay in soccer for the Copa Americana, so that's been qutie nice :) haha

Love you guys!

Elder Kyle Horton

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