Monday, May 30, 2016


This week we had a baptism!  She had some last minute struggles, like an hour before her baptism her neighbor almost talked her out of getting baptised by telling her that "Those mormones are just taking advantage of your financial situation to get you baptised". We had some members (her friends) step in last second to save the day, and she ended up making it there on time, and all ready to go :) (Phew!) Missionary work is so stressful sometimes

So I have oficially started a semi serious study of the BOM in Guarani! I understand about half of everything it says, but here in a bit I should get a hold of it :)

I had the privelege of doing some divisiones, and went and visited for 2 days this week a few neighboirng cities, Eusebio Ayala, and Ypacarai. The church in Eusebio Ayala has only been there for 3 years, and they have about 15 active memebers in the branch. The workd there is moving forward in this town, it has a bright future ahead of it! We talked with 3 families that are considering getting baptised, and places like this are in dire need of families

Remember that thing I had in my foot? Yeah well it's all good now, so no need to worry

We made lemon bars last night and they turned out SO good! I had almost forgotten about those suckers. I should have been taking advantage of that my whole mission, since there are unlimited free citrus fruit here

Caacupe... It's such a blast! My comp and I have been having way too much fun lately. We keep teaching a few indian families, which always keeps things interesting ha! One of the families we are teaching stopped drinking and finally saved up enough money to get electricity cables hooked up to their half abandoned house, so things are really looking up for em! It's amazing all the changes the gospel brings into ones life (Or it might just be inteligent money spending habits... how about both?)

Love you guys!!

Elder Horton

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