Monday, May 16, 2016

Lost in the Work of the Lord

Another week has come and gone... I can't believe it

We spent a whole day and a half traveling to and from a leadership cousel we had in the capital Asuncion this past week. I wish there was a way to avoid all the ridiculously long travels we have to do. It just wasts so much golden time! But there is just no way around it I guess

We had our progressing family attend church yesterday, and their baptism and wedding is set for this Saturday!! It's been a long fight with them to get them to stop smoking, and get them to church, but they have accepted things very well, and there is such a notable change in their house environment. I mean, not that their house is nicer or anything, they still live in an abandoned brick shack, but there is feeling of peace and love, whereas beforehand it was completely absent. We have had a Recently baptized family helping us out a lot with them, but it looks like everything is set for this Saturday!

Doctrine and Convenants touches many times on how we must study it out both in our mind, and in our heart, and then simply "put our trust in that spirit that leadeth to do good" in order for the Lord to help us make decisiones, big and small. We are currently putting together a Zone Training that we have to give Tomorrow, and it is amazing to see the Lords hand guide us, and show us how we can better portray the information or ideas we want to get across. Recently my comp and I just sat down and watched a few general conference talks that really touched me, and gave me the motivation I have needed to get out and testify, to work, and give everything I've got to the Lord, so that I can bring "Even just a single soul unto repentance". I love this work, and all the amazing opportunities I have been blessed with to serve and lift those around me

Have a fantastic week

Elder Horton


Oh and I have something living in my foot

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