Monday, March 2, 2015


My converts from Ita came and visited me before they moved to Argentina! So Awesome. 

Our church partition styled door to our room.  Missionary innovation at it's finest

... Of my whole life! hahaha Super tough, but so rewarding. It's been 6 months since my last greasy hamburger from McDonalds, 6 months since wrestling with my little bro, and 6 months since the last time I was out past curfew! You would think one would be completly miserable without all these things BUT it has been SO much fun! I have eaten knew foods, seen new places, and learned SO much about myself and grown so much closer to my heavenly father. It's been tough! But it's been so worth it. Can't wait to see what this next year and a half bring me! 
This week wasssss really good. They just start blending all together! I literally don't remember thte last time I felt what it was like being cold. Which reminds me, my comp and I did have an awesome snowball fight while dethawiing our refrigerator the other day! haha We also have a new pest in our house. We found a Possom eating through our garbage out back the other day! haha Like are those things dangerous, I don't even know. We have also had the pleasure of meeting some interesting peole these past few weeks. Paraguayan names are SO funny! hahaha Here's a small list followed by their english translation...
"Aparacida"... Or "Appeared" Something makes me think she was unplanned!
"Alta Gracia"... Or "High Grace"
"Restituto Coronel"... One of my all time favorites! "Coronel restitute" in English! HA
"Segunda"... "Second". Sadly she was the third child
"Juan La Bautista"... HAHAHA You gotta speak spanish to understand this one. It was an old lady. 

So yeah! haha No baptisms this week, Monserrat is gonna get baptised next Saturday for sure! This week, we have a super awesome 11 year old kid named Carlos who is serious one of my all time favorite investigators. He is super excited, and way smart! He gave a super awesome testimony this Sunday in fast and testimony meeting about when his mom got in an accident, and he prayed and asked for everything to be all right aaaand it was! Super cool, I'm way excited!

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