Monday, March 16, 2015

Zone Conference- Meet the Mormons

Our future missionary friend who accompanies us like every day
Ants literally as big as spiders!!  AHHHH

This week was another good week. Tough in a lot of ways, but really great! We had a zone conference this last tuesday, and had to travel to Asuncion, were we missed our bus stop and ended up getting there like 30 minutes late but whatevssss ha We got to watch "Conozca a los mormones" orrr "Meet the mormons". It was such a great movie! Super inspiring, even though I had to watch it in spanish, which isn't as fun as English haha After, tehy had a few recent converts to the church get up and share their story of their conversion, and how much it has helped change their lives! There was hardly a dry eye in the room, it was so spiritual. It really just gave me that boost to get through this week!

Soooooo This week we have got three baptisms planned out! It's gonna be a busy one. Changes are next week too! Ahhhhh mannnnn.I hate changes! haha Everything... changes. ha! Butttttt yeah. So today, Elder Chidester and I are finishing our machine we have been building for the last few weeks! It's a "RUth Goldsberg" machine that we add onto every night, and basically our house is a mess, but it's about to be so legendary hahaha Our goal is to launch cigarrettes we took from one of our investigators over our neighbors house! I'm so stoked to go test it out. 

Congrats to Pops on the call! I was so excited when I first read that he is the new first councilor in our stake presidency. He's gonna kill it! Plus he is going to be working in it with Tim Taylor, so that basically makes Nate and I related, right? haha The DREAM ha 

Love you guys! Thanks for the loving support.

Elder Horton

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