Monday, March 9, 2015

6 Months... and 1 week


Baptism of Carlos

This week and past 4 weeks have been so much fun here in Posta Leiva. I love this branch and just right where I'm at right now! Having an American comp is the greatest haha And all of our investigatores and recent converts are so awesome! We had a baptism this week, of Carlos! HE is like the coolest 11 year old I know, and is way excited to be able to recieve the priesthood here in a month when he turns 12. Roque, our other convert from 3 weeks ago was able to pass the sacrament this past week! That was a way cool experience. Right now we are teaching Roque's brother, Esteven. He is SO funnnnyyyyy hahaha Him and his bros literally grew up on the street, doing whatever thing they could to earn money to eat. They ended up getting into some illegal trafficking, and ended up getting stuck in Argentina for a bit. They are now living in their Aunts house, but all 3 of them (RIchardt (16), Roque(15), and Esteven(17)) Still have to work full time jobs to pay for their living expenses. But anywaysssss so we were going over baptismal questions with Esteven, and we asked him how he knows the BOM is true, andddddd then proceded to tell us this story... "So I read that part in the introduction to the BOM were it says all you have to do is ask in a prayer to see if it is true. Sooooo I asked God if it was true, and if it was true, and that if it was true to give my a sign. And not just any sign, I told him to stub my toe for me, so that way if I stub my toe I will know if it's true. 2 week later, i was getting off the bus and BAM stubbed my toe. The BOM is true. I know it!" HAHAHAHAHA I couldn't hold the laughter in, but hey, God answers our prayers!

This week, also got to help a 50 year old man who can't walk get to church. He lives in a shack about 1/4 mile from the main road, so we had to carry him in his wheelchair through the jungle, over rocks and fallen trees, slipping and falling all the way to the taxi to get him to church. He lives with his wife, and 2 kids who live on literally 3 U.S. dollars a day. He is disabled and can't work, so his wife ties lettuce together for a living. Super humbling stuff to see, but I'm glad we were abe to help him out. He was able to come to church, so him and his fam will now be able to recieve help from the bishops storehouse. Be grateful for what you've got! They stope pure Guarani, so I didn't understand anything, but I think they were grateful.

Alsoooooo 6 months in the mish, and I weighed myself for the first time! I've hit 173 lbs, 18 lbs up since I've left! Crazzzyyyyyy. This week I ate the large intestine of a cow, or "Mundungo". It tasted SO bad. We finished eating and both walked around the corner of the members hosue and I threw up. SO BAD. It tasted like how cow poop smells. I MISS AMERICAN FOOD 

Love you guys, Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Horton

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