Monday, March 23, 2015


Welllllll.... This week! Was a great time. ha! It very possibly could be my last week with Elder Chidester, which is a bummerrrrrr but whatevs! The Changes are this Wednesday, and I am kinda nervous, but stoked at the same time. The mission is really all about change. Like the only thing that doesn't chaneg is the fact that we have changes every 6 weeks ha This week marks 6 weeks in my new area, and it's been so much fun! I have enjoyed every second of it. This week, we had 2 baptisms, one of a 45 year old woman named "Gloria", and the other of a 20 year old girl named "Montserrat". They were both really solid baptisms, and are both way cool! Monsterrat is the granddaughter of some members, and Gloria is the mom of a recent convert.
What else, what else.... Oh yeah! The catapult that we built last Monday worked like a charm! haha We are still concentrated on the work though, don't you worry. My comp cut his head on barbed wire last night! hahaha Kinda funny, since it was the second time since he's been here in this area. The Paraguayans have a bad habit of hanging barbed wire all around their house, since that's what they use to hang their clothes up to dry them. For them, it is at just the perfect height where they won't run into them, but for us tall "Gringos" It's a completely different story! ha
Super excited to be able to watch General Conference here shortly. It's so much more awesome when you are out on the mission! Or maybe it's just because I actually watch it I dunno haha OH! Met the coolest 83 year old woman this last week. We have been searching for her house for the past month, and we finally tracked here down! She comes to church once a month to bear here testimony at testimony meeting, and it's all in Guarani so I don't understand anything haha But she basically walks a solid 4 or 5 kilomters to church, which is so dope for an old lady! She left her husband for the gospel too, 20 years ago when missionaries showed up at here door. She has 2 grandsons who have served missions too! We are baptising her son this week, so I will get back to you on that one next week. For now, take care! Love you guys a ton, thanks for the support. Sorry there aren't pics this week! I had some good ones, but my computer is ancient, and doesn't read my camera card ha. Love you guys!
-Elder Horton

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