Monday, March 30, 2015


Reunion de distrito! An all elder district.  What great luck!
Baptism of Montserrat

Cleaning up the sinny residue from the baptismal font.
Baptism of Gloria!

This week has been SO great. My old comp left, and I've got a new one.... Elder Cronin! He is from Brigham City, and is SO awesome haha He is a mission LEGEND! It is said that he will be an apostle one day. And I could totally see it! The first day he got here, we had our planning, and set a goal to baptise 30 people in this next change! At first, I doubted a bit, but now I'm convinced it's possible! We have found MIRACLES this week! His faith is contageous, it's awesome. He have been working so hard too! I really believe we can reach it. Do you? We are gonna have to see! This week, we have 5 baptisms planned. Super stoked to work hard and make sure that they do. Ahhhhhh man, it's been so crazy busy. Literally, we have no spare time if we wanna reach our goal! Read a few scriptures that really hit home this week. First, was in Alma 29, which talks about mission work (Could be 30 or 31). I also was reading in the Bible, when Jesus invites 3 men to follow him, and teach, and each has presonal affairs they want to take care of first. Jesus then taught them that "He he puts his hand to the plough and looks back is unfit for the kingdom of God." This really inspired me to give it all I had this week. Also, can't wait for conference! Ahhhhh onlay 6 more daysssss haha Love you guys! Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Horton

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