Monday, December 28, 2015

Ano Nuevo

Santa came to Paraguay?

Oh, but yes, I did get my Christmas Kiss under the mistletoe...
Mango plus Leche = Mango Milk Hetere'i

Boy was it so great to see the whole fam bam on christmas, they are the best!! It is really weird to think though that life still goes on back home ha My little sister isn't so little any more!! 

So I got sick on Christmas Eve, and we had to cancel all of our christmas plans and stay inside while I recovered. Bummer. I hope New Years eve works out a little better for me ha 

"A man, having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is unfit for the kingdom of God" -Luke 9... near the end of the chapter ha The scripture of the week to keep me focused on the work here at hand, and not letting myself get distracted. Speaking of missionary work, we ALMOST had a baptism this last week, but of course the night of his interview he decided to move to Brazil. Dang.

Have you ever tough someone using a language that you don't know, or can't speak? I have! It happens quite a bit, since a lot of the older population here ONLY speaks Guarani, the native indian language. It's all gift of tongues, because I don't know how, but I can understand like almost everything, and explain a few basic principles of the gospel, invite them to church, and have a very basic convesation with them. We also have an 80 year old investigator who only speaks guarani, and can't read or write. That bring with it a lot of challenges to teach her. We have to use lots of pictures, and bring members with us to help out, and somehow they end up being really spiritual lessons. She's been coming to church, and is really being a huge missionary with her family. She invited her daughtes and one of her sons to church on Sunday, and they filled up a whole sacrament bench. It's been way awesome to see her progress. She has a baptismal date for this next week. √Ďapumi. 

Love you guys! Have a Merry Christmas

Elder Horton

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