Thursday, January 7, 2016


What a week... The first half was a party, but I spent the last half in bed... sick... again. Let me explain:

So Friday comes, and we had been looking forward to spending it as a district cooking american style wings, with teryaki and buffalo wing sauce for lunch, and then run around all day and play soccer. Aaaaanddddd it was so much fun!! haha The most fun I have had in a while. Seriously, I miss being able to interact with americans, I am now realizing how dry and boring it is being 24/7 with a Peruvian. He's cool... kinda ha But other than the work, we basically have nothing in common ha But after the activity, we started getting ready for our baptism we were going to have the next day, when I just started throwing up... and it continued... all night long and put me in bed all Saturday (Spent out baptism we had in the bathroom.) I am looking surprisingly good in the pic for having been half dead! ha Aaaaaaaand pretty much it's continued until today. I'm not like throwing up anymore, but I have zero desires to eat, therefore making me super tired, which in turn gives me less desires to eat. It's a vicious cycle. For sure going to the hospital tomorrow if it doesn't get better. Also there is something weird growing on my left hand, so they can check that out too. I Love Paraguay. Ha! It doesn't help that it's hotter than heck either

But no worries, because I think I am getting better. I had a little pity party last night, literally my body jsut all hurt from being in bed so long. After I finished complaining, I felt impressioned to pick up the book "Our Heritage", which I didn't set down until I finished it. It humbled me reading about all the trials and difficulties early church members had to go through, and how they were able to endure. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and keep on moving forward. One story, about the Martin Handcart company really stook out to me, when one of the company members said after they had crossed the plains that "They and become aquainted with God through all their afflictions, the price which was a privilege to pay." And boy am I becoming aquainted with my God. My faith could never be brighter that everything will be alright :)

Love you guys! Have a great 2016

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