Thursday, December 24, 2015


This week... where do I start... So much happens in one missionary week!

How about with the title: ka'akupe. (Translated: Behind the leaf) Dia de la virgen de Ka'akupe was this tuesday, A national holiday where 2 million people parade from crazy distances, and gather in a city about an 8 hour walk from where I'm at to worship a giant doll that stand on a banana (It's acutally a half moon) Tuesday night, the streets here were filled with devout catholics pioneering their way towards the city of ka'acupe

On this same day, we woke up early and went to Asuncion for a lidership conference. It pretty much changed me, adn my atitude that I have been develpoing lately, what the president shared with us. He did us a question: What is the one thing that we have, that is truly ours, that we can give to God? The answer: Our will. It really touched me, and made me think if I am doing things in my way, or God's way? We have chagned a few things up in our area, and have really been focusion on 100% obedience, which is SO hard for me ha BUT we have seen so many blessings for doing it. We ahve recieved refernces out of no-where, and we even jsut ahd a guy show up to church for us to teach him this week and.... a BAPTISM Wooooooo!!

Soooooo the storm cleanup is slowly kicking into action. We live in a part of Asuncion pretty far away from the city itself, so its been taking a while. We have light and water about half of the time. I feel liek this storm has really waken me up. Like before, I dunno i thougth I was giving it my all, but my heart really wasn't in it. I was working with all my Mind, Might and Strength... But I wasn't doing it out of love for others, as I should have been. maybe it's jsut been the whole routine thing: 10 months is a long time in one area. But My heart was jump started this past week with the storm, and I really starting seeing others through "Heavenly Fathers eyes" as the new apostle said this past conference, I don't remember hsi name ha And doing so has helped me REALLY give my all.

I love the attitude I have seen from the Parguayn people. They are so great! I love them haha For example, we went to a lunch appointment, only to find out it been canceled, we turned bck to go home and cook, when we saw an old bald guy putting his roof back together. We offered him help, and he gladly accepted. He siad " This wind was so strong, it blew my whole roof apart! And it took my hair with it!" HAHAHAHA I laughed so hard. Another member lost his whoel carpinter shop, and so we went to help him piece it back together. They still ahven't had water for the past two weeks, and jokingly said "Well, looks like we are going to have to start bathing ourselves with Coca Cola!" hahaha They are just such a happy, and light hearted people.

Studying a conference talk this pst week entitled "What lack I yet" (i think) from this past conference. talked about the parabole with teh young rich man who kept all the commandments, and asked Jesus "What lack I yet?", but couldn't complete with the difficult, yet divine instruccion to "sell everything and give it to the poor". The speaker then invites us to make similar, self-reflective questions, to find our status with God, especailly while we are taking part of the Sacrament. I put it in practice yesterday, and the Holy Ghost whispered to me through the meeting as we listened to the talks "Be patient with the local liders, they do the best they can", and a quote from I forget where kept coming to my mind, how "We so easily find fault with others, especilaly leaders, without realizing and seeing how God's hand works through them to bless the lives of others" Although the local liders here really don't do well their callings, I need to cut them a bit of slack. I mean, 90% of them have been baptized in the past 10 years.

Well, love you guys! Happy Holidays!

Elder Horton

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