Monday, November 30, 2015

Transfer Week

Soaked from head to toe, due to torrential tropical rainstorm
Snap shot of Paraguay

This is the week of transfers... will I go or stay? I fell like I'm going to stay, but if I do, I will officially be the laughing stock of the whole mission... because I will complete one whole year in this one Ward! That hasn't happened in the history of ever ha But we will jsut have to wait and see

Learned a good lesson this week about Patience:

I. Love. Mangos. So here in Paraguay, about every house has a mango tree. As of right now, the mangos aren't quite yet ripe, but just starting to change from yellow to green, or from yellow to red ( depending on the mango) so they just all sit there taunting you as you walk by, it's really quite ironic, because there are SO many mangos, just none of them are quite ready yet. Sooooo I commented this to a member, and he told us that he knew of a tree where they were already ripe and ready to eat. Without hesitating, i told him "Vamos!" so we went, my mouth watering the whole way, ahhhhhhh i wanted a mango so bad! ha So he walks over to the tree, plucks a seemingly ripe mango, all big and red and juicy looking of the tree, and brings it over for us to enjoy. He cut off the first piece, and offered it to me, I took it in my hand but it looked a little too green for me still to be ready, but after walking so far I honestly couldn't have cared less, I just wanted to eat mango so I took a big old bite, but tasted nothing but bitterness. "Ndirachori!" (Dang!) it still wasn't ripe yet.... Little did I know that eating unripened mangos REALLY does to you. I found out later that night, when I layed down and tried to go to sleep, but my lips were burning, no stinging, no scorching hot! haha I woke up my comp up to tell him, and that's when I found out that unripened mangos are dangerous, often times so acidic that they easily burn skin, often times leaving scars. Boy do I regret eating that mango, because I have slept very little these past few days haha BUT it is getting much better, don't you worry mother

Patience: Trusting in God's time table. Satan tempts us into thinking that now is the time to kick back and relax, luring us into partaking of the juicy mango, that seems so delicious, leading us to think that sinning a little here and there is all right, but little aware are we of the often times eternally painful consequences of our actions. We must ALWAYS trust in god's time table for us, enduring patiently until the end. Patience is the test of our faith as James teaches us, so let us do as it teaches us in Hebrews 12, (rough translation) "Put off every sin that so easily both beset us, and run paciently the race that we have before us, with our eyes on Jesus, the author and Finisher of our faith" I know that doing so brings belssing both temporal and spiritual, for I have seen it in the lives of so many people, and in my personal life.

Love you guys! Have a great one

Elder Horton

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