Monday, November 9, 2015


Yes Mom, Im super happy I promise!  

Well, sorry there is no Subject for the mail my mind is blank ha I can't come up with anything! Like how could I possibly sum up a week of Missionary work in paraguay in one word?
This week was fantastic. We have been finding some awesome investigators, and let me tell you how: Our President of the Branch told us his conversion story the other day, how he lived right next to the church for 7 years growing up, even went and played soccer at least once a week there, but not once was invited to go to church, or talk with the missionaries. They never stopped by or contacted his house! I feel like as missionaries, and humans we search for complicated solutions to simple problems haha SO instead of looking for people an hour walk from the church building, we focused our efforts on the people who live RIGHT next to the church, and that way we saw more investigators in the sacrament meeting

While we were contacting by the church, we ran into an old lady sitting in her chair who jsut happened to be reading her Bible when we contacted her. We started talking,a nd found out she was a missionary for some Christian church. We invited her to come to church, and started to discuss various topis of the Bible, but I felt like we were jsut losing our time. Sooooo I was jsut about to say we had to go, but then she said the most wonderful thing I have ever heard, that completely changed my mind about leaving: You guys look tired. Would you like to sit down and eat some of my cake I jsut made? hahaha It was THE BEST. We sat there eating her delicious ice cream cake as shse rambled on about who knows what. At one point she even whipped out her Hymn book and started singing hahaha But we were too focued in on eating, it didn't even bother

Love you guys!
Elder Horton

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