Monday, November 23, 2015

Dia de Gracias

I'm not going to be eating turkey on Thursday, But I am grateful for the opportunity I will have next year to enjoy it with the fam bam :)

While teaching a Less Active guy this week whop is starting to go to church again, (Got baptised and sealed about 20 years ago in Argentina) we decided to talk about temples, and to help him put a personal goal to prepare spiritually to enter into the temple once again. He told us that here in 2 years, he would be worthy to enter into the temple, which is a long time! haha I asked him why he would wait so long to receive such great eternal blessings that the temples offer us, and he responded by saying he couldn't complete with one law: tithing and offerings. He then expolained to us how he had recently bought a Motorcycle (Pretty much a Harley Davidson Parguayn style) that costed WAY more than he could afford, and that his páyment would end here in two years, and then, and only then, could he enter into the temple once again. We tried reasoning with them, but he had obviously letten the things of this world become more valuable to him than the things of the eternity. The whole time his super sleek black chromed motorycycle was sitting behind, and seemed to be just mocking him. Sad Stuffffff

As lately I have been studying a lot out of Jesus the Christ and the Bible. It really touches me and moves me thinking about all that our Savior has done for us. His teachings truly change one's character and form of thinking. If I have learned anything out here on the mish, that's one of them

But seriously though the mission is jsut a great school, where one travels from place to place, family to family learning what to do and what not to do. Learning how to Endure paciently and enjoy it, learning from the scriptures and more than anything, how awesome it is to have the spirit with you in almost every moment. But although we learn all this in the mission, that isn't why we serve a mission. Even though we become much better people, that's not the reason why one should serve a mission, which took me a while to figure out, but I feel like the Lord is teaching the very important lesson, that we must always serve others, and do it with an attitude of "What can i give" and not "What can I get"

Well, that pretty much sums up my thoughts ha Lvoe you guys, enjoy your thanksgiving

Elder Horton

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