Monday, November 16, 2015


The Zone

Nightly bathroom cockroach kill.  be grateful you aren't in a country where these little creatures fly...

Bout to get my hair cut!

Pigeon eggs.... Delicious!

I am constantly soaked, whether it's sweat because it's so hot, or from the rain, like I am right now hahaha Ohhhh Paraguay how I love you

And I was going to be wet from a baptism we had planned for this last week BUT it fell through.... MAN! Oh well we will get em next time

New Rules we given this week by the President, and it honestly is going to make it very difficult to work like we were before. To have a lesson with someone of the opposite sex, you HAVE to have an adult present (18 years and up). This changes everything, I mean lets be honest, 90 percent of our investigators are women, and no guy is available until about 6 o'clock at night. Like what do we do during the sacred hour of the ciesta? (National Nap time) It's been tough this past week, to say the least. Lots of walking ha

BUT we did find a cool fam to teach yesterday. A less active kid showed up to church today, and he is super awesome, gave us a bunch of references of his family. I swear, the spirit of the church here is in the youth. It is difficult to get adults involved with the missionary work,. especially the men, but hey watcha gonna do.

I almot have 10 months in this area.... I think the Lord is testing my patience. I know he is! 10 months ago was last Februrary. HA So much time in one Ward, it's been quite the challenge lately. I feel like I have already talked to everyone under the sun here. Just gotta hang in there I guess

Welllll Love you guys a ton!

Elder Horton

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