Monday, September 28, 2015

Semana Mbohapy

This week... has been a rollercoaster. Wow. I could spend hours writing individually about every day, and all the crazy stuff that happened. But easily the craziest thing that happened this week was this:

We had to deal with a few missionaries who were being very disobedient. It started on Mondy when we found Movies in their house that they shoudln't have, and escalated tueday when these missionaries left their zone to go shopping downtown, and go visit one of the elders old areas, and to top things off 125 dollars went missing in a district meeting. The president called emergency interviews with the zone, and the whole day was spent investigating the situation with the missing money. Eventually I went on divisiones with an asistant, and we had to go the the disobedient missionaries house and search through all their things to find the money. As we were looking through everything, we just happend to run into a LOT of stuff missionaries shouldn't have (PS 4, etc.) The president was pissed. haha Mannnn long story short, there was emergency changes, and a few elders changed areas/or went home, I'm not too sure. What punks. ha The whole time I felt like an FBI agent. I might look into that when I get home hahaha

Also the wedding fell through... And it was postponed until next saturday!

Who's stoked for general conference? I AM

We contacted a man yesterday, and had a great lesson with him. At the end, we asked him if he would like to come to General Conference with us this week, and he just looked at us and smiled ha I though he was already a member or something! Butttt it just so happens that he is driving the bus that will take us to the stake center on Sunday, so he will for sure be there :) hahaha!

Love you guys!

Elder Horton

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