Monday, September 21, 2015

Springtime in Paraguay

In very short terms: It's hot! Oh hakuetere'i en guarani. This week has been so crazy busy... There is so much more to do, so much more responsability. We had our Zone Conference this past thursday, and I thought it went really well. It was a 3 hour presentation, but I felt like the missionaries all left muy excited to get out and work. Between all the calling, taking numbers and planning, there absolutely no down time. It's all the stress and work as before, but doubled ha Not to mention the activities we have planned for this week! On Saturday,we are having an activity called "Zapatos Misionales", where all the members are missionaries for a day, and they go visit all the less actives, it should be pretty good.

On top of that, this Friday, an investigator is getting married!!! Woohooo!! My first marriage of my whole mission, I'm so excited. Her name is Ruth, and her husband is a member (less active). Ruth has want to get baptised for the past few months, and always goes to church, but her husband never wanted to get married or anything... Until this past week when all of a sudden he just had a change of heart, and told her he wants to get married. It should be awesome!

Baptism of Beta this last week was great, almost didn't show up to get confirmed because she was embarrased because she didn't have a dress to go to church in, but we convinced her last second to come, and she got confirmed. Phew! ha Close call

Love you guys!

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