Monday, September 7, 2015

Eu esto fallando moitu

This week... was fantastic. Seriously one of the best weeks I have had in a while. Did divisions with a brazilero this week.... hence the title! He's been helping me out with the portuguese haha It's pretty much spanish, Just spoken really badly.

All week was spent preparing for the "Bautismo Guazu" Or "Big Baptism" we had on saturday. It takes a lot of planning to get 5 people baptised holy moly. Finishing teaching them all the lessons, interviews, getting the time set for the baptism, cooking cakes, filling the baptismal font, cleaning up the flooded church after forgetting to turn off the baptismal font, assigning talks, and not to mention the clean up! ha But I'm not about to complain... Because I was able to be an instrument, play just the smallest part, in God's hands in bringing 5 people into the waters of baptism. And it's stressful to think about how it doesn't end there, and how we are responsible to help them be nurtured, and spiritually grow. But the baptism went great! All the families invited their realtives and friends, and more than 6 new investigators ended up coming to there baptism, which is a huge blessing. the spirit was present in their baptism, so I hope they were touched.

This week is the week of changes... oh boy!! I have 7 and a half months here in this area... so it's likely I leave. BUT whatever the lord suits best. I'm super down to stay! I love it here! But 4 and a half months with the same comp... that's a lot. haha We NEED a change. haha But whatevsssss

Anyways, love you guys!

Elder Horton

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