Monday, August 3, 2015


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The District

Tazer Flashlight

This Monday and Tuesday night were spent visting all of my friends and family here saying goodbye and taking pictures and everything! I had my bags packed, house cleaned, and I had emotionally and mentally prepared myself for a new area, a new comp, new everything. The call comes at 8:30 late Tuesday night, with Elder Evans, our Zone Leader playing a funny joke on me... "You're staying Elder Horton". Yeah right I told him! I thought for sure he was messin with me. I eventually made him swear on the bible he was telling me the truth, and well... I stayed. YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

So what happened, is that every time a missionary finishes training a new missionary, he changes areas. That's just the way it is! Not to mention that I had already been here 6 months, which is the max I have ever heard a missionary being in one area... and I guess I'm breaking that ha! It will be another change... atleast another change (One and a half months) here in Posta Leiva! I'm not gonna lie, I was super taken back. Talk about an awkward conversation with all the ward family here in Posta Leiva, explaining them how they all gave me farewell dinners, presents and everything and how I ended up staying! hahaha But I guess the Lord has his reasons. I will be going into my third transfer with Elder Savastano

The work this past week was going great... up until saturday. We had found a lot of amazing people, that seemed like they were the "Chosen Vessels" of the Lord, but one by one, we lost them all. Mostly due to the traditionalism catholic beliefs, and family members keeping them from recieving the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your friends (Because your investigatores truly are your friends) turn away from the truth. It's been a crazy emotional rollercoaster of a week! ha

Also bought a police half flashlight/half tazer for 12 bucks from a member. Getting tazed? Check.

Love you guys

Elder Horton

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