Monday, August 24, 2015

Week Pora

This week was filled with miracles... not too much time, so to sum it up we had 7 investigators attend church, and if all goes well (And I have the faith that it will) We will have 5 baptisms next Saturday!

One of the Seventy is coming this week to talk with us. Word.

A less active family came to church for the first time this week in 8 years! Its true that it makes you just as happy to see a family return to church than it does to see a family get baptised.

Can't sleep at night, due to none-stop worrying and planning about lessons for our investigators. Mission probs.

Doing things for the right reason was probably the biggest thing I learned this week. True missionary work starts with a true love for the people. Don't do things for the numbers! Even though we work with lot's of numbers "Each person is more than just a baptismal statistic, but a child of God" It's a lot easier said than done!

Nothing of pictures this week! Love you guys!

Elder Horton

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