Monday, August 17, 2015


This week.... was completely normal. ha Normal as in a million things happened, including almost getting eaten by a lion (Alright, it was a big dog!), and having a lesson with a bewitched 89 year old demon lady! ha Just your average trip around the block here in Paraguay

The success here has been... diminishing. I feel like for my first 4 months here in this area, it was just miracle after miracle, baptism after baptism, but it's almost like slowing down. I don't feel like I'm doing anything different, even the opposite! I feel like I am giving it more than I gave it when we were seeing success... but it's just not happening. It's been quite the frustration lately ha 

The new mission president has a completely differnet mind set than the one before. Presidente Wilson (Current president) is focusing a lot more on Retaining, and Reactivating, and less on Baptising, where as before it was the complete opposite. New rules have been added that make it more difficult to baptise, for example this week, only 8 people were baptised and comfirmed as a MISSION. That's not good!! haha But I here that the president jsut doesn't even hardly care, as long as we are having a more balanced work, with more of a focus on reactivating and retaining. Which makes sense! For example, here in my Branch, there is a total of 700 to 800 members within the limits of our branch. However, only about 140 of these are active. But at the same time... It honestly blows teaching less actives all day. It's quite depressing! Like they are just so lazy, and apathetic. It's hard to see any of our fruits from the effort we have put to help them out. We, as a mission, and me personally need to just focus on the objective, which is to get people to the temple. Anyways, so that's the jist of it all!

Love you guys,

Elder Horton

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