Monday, August 10, 2015

just keep rolling along....

What. A. Great. Week. Nothing too out of the normal! Sadly no baptisms to report, but we are working on that. We are working right now with 2 families, one of them is really progressing! A mom, and here 5 baptizable kids, who were a reference from a member who died 10 years ago. (Another story for another time) Other than that, I have heard some great stories from really insirational people this week:

The first was of a guy about 28 years old who just moved back here to Paraguay... He left from this branch where I am at now to serve a mission in Argentina, and then returned 2 years later (Not the cool part). Then, he moved to Cuba to study, where he, along with 8 other student members from other countries organized the first branch of the church in Cube, where this Brother was called as Branch President. By the time he left, there was a total of 2 branches, and 40 members in Cube! He even mentioned something about one of the 12 coming to visit them, and dedicate the land for the gospel. We sat with him and talked for hours about all his crazy difficulties and challenges with the government there and everything, so cool

Another was one of my converts (guy 18 years old) who is really so awesome. the only member in his fam, but understands and knows just about more than I do about the church! ha But he has always walked weird, but I never bothered asking him why, until the other day. Turns out, he got run over by a semi-truck when he was a kid, and almost lost the use of his feet. Through 6 surguries and thousands fof dollars spent (Which his family of him, his mom, and sister did not have), they battled through it. He told us that right before his last surgery, he had a vision, so vivid, where he was visited by an angel and was told that he would walk one day, if he was willing to dedicate his life to the Lord. He said yes, and the angel replied that he would one day get to know great mysteries, and bless the life of many. ANYWAYS so he is all good now, long story short hahaha

Love you guys!!

Elder Horton

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