Monday, July 27, 2015


Seriously these people are the greatest! Birthday party #19
Hermana Gloria went to the temple this past week.  Woo hoo!

Changes this week, spent my last sunday here and I'm about the take off to who knows where! I will let ya'll know next week.
I'm gonna miss this area so much! Ahhhhh man, the next 2 days are jsut gonna be spent saying goodbye to people, so that's nothing too fun.
Stoked to get to know a new area though! I have spent my first year in the mission within a 15 mileish zone, between this area and my last area. I'm fellin like I'm going to get sent either super far out there, of downtown Asuncion. Either way, BRING IT
Sorry I left you hangin last week about the church open house. It was a huge success, even though the bishopric were out playing soccer on the field in front of the church and we ran everything! ha We got a bunch of references, and met a few great new investigators.
Well a picture speaks a thousand words, so here ya go POSTA LEIVA IMMA MISS YOU

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