Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Temple Trip

Me and the kid (my comp.)

El Templo de Asuncion, Paraguay and the zone!  

Always be prepared (with rain gear) especially true in Paraguay!

Week 3 of training, and I feel like I'm finally getting used to it all. It's honestly such a challenge! It's tough at times, especially with staying organized haha Our house was a trainwreck! hahaha Spent a few hours scrubbing mold off of the plates last night, it was not too enjoyable. ha. 

This past Tuesday, we all we able to go the the temple too! It was SO great! Something I really needed ha. We got up at 3 in the morning, hopped on a bus for a bit, and got to the temple at about 7 o'clock! We spent alllllll day there, doing baptisms, confirmations, iniciatories, a session, and my comp and I were the only people who got to do it, but we even got to do sealings! It. Was. So. Awesome. My first time going through the temple in spanish and actually understanding it! haha And honestly, it just lifted me up, and changed my mentality of missionary work. It helped me to realize more of the eternal perspective on missionary work, and the importance of giving it my all in this super short time of 2 years to bring as many living souls to christ as possible. It reminds me a lot of the scripture found in 2 Kings 6:16 "Wherefore, don't fear, for there are more that are with us than those that are against us" We have got literally God and all of his angelic servants on our side, and although they may not be seen, they sure are felt, guiding and leeding us every day. But the temple really is one of the parts I miss most about home. Like I wish I could go more than once a year! I took it so much for granted before.

The weather here is starting to turn into winter I think? ha It's just rainy all the time, and still super humid. The guy I'm training, Elder Savastano is so great. He is just like another brother to me! ha We spend a bit too much time talking, and it can cut into out sleeping time every once and a while... haha But he is almost a big a fan of Lord of the Rings as I am, so it's tough! haha We almost had a baptism this week, but he drank coffee the night before his baptism. For sure this week though! ha Anways, love you guys so much! Gotta run

Elder Horton

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