Monday, June 1, 2015

Che Ro'yite

This week has been rather normal. The 'crazy' pace of the missionary life has become something so normal, that I get here every Monday, look back on the week, and really can't think of anything to say, other thatn it was good. ha. When in reality, so many things really did happen! Like let's see here...Stubbed my toe TWICE having a plunger war with my comp. Spent 1.75$ (A dollar and 75 cents) on a weeks worth of groceries. Had a baptism. Walked a lot. It got so cold I could see my breath. Aaaaaannnnddd that's all I can think of right now haha The training is good! Getting a little tired of translating all the time, but it's all good. Winter here blows. It's so freaking cold! I had to put on thermals the other day. Thermals. In Paraguay. It is really weird walking around the jungle all day in winter clothes lemme tell ya ha Butttttt that's just how it is. Lovin it still! Been studying the Liahona a lot this week, and reading a bunch of General Conference talks! One of my favorite I read was one by Russel M. Nelson (I think), about Faith, and it's effect on our Character from the 2010 conference! One part I liked was when he talked about how we don't use our faith only in big testing points, but more consistently exercising it daily. We are so blessed to have a modern day prophet! Anways, feel free to send me american food for my birthday coming up here in a few months! ;) hahaha Love you guys!

Elder Horton

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