Monday, May 18, 2015


Elder Savastano, mi hijo! haha

The Zone 10 yeahhhh


So Paraguay is great. Ha I love it so much! Been working so hard this week, it's been a blast. The training is good, although way tough. It's getting to the point where Elder Savstano wants to help out in the lessons, but there is jsut a bit of a language barrier, so it's kinda tough on him. 4 hours of study every day is a bit difficult tooooooo ha But we had a baptism this week! His name is Wilson, he is 18 years old, and such a great guy. He has been waiting to turn 18 to get baptised, because his parents wouldn't let him. He turned 18 this last Friday, and got baptised Sunday before church! He is one of those people that you could just talk with for hours. He is SO smart, and knows so much about the church, and the bible, and jsut everything ha He has super interesting questions and ideas, it's a blast teaching him! He is super excited to go on a mission too, and is going to get the priesthood this week in church. So awesome! ha He lives superrrrr far away, in the part of our area we call "Egypt" because you just walk forever in the sand to get there hahaha Tomorrow we get to go to the temple, and I am SO excited! This will be my first time in the temple here in Paraguay, and I only get to go twice in my mission, so I can't wait!! Been studying a lot this week about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Never before have I done an in-depth study of it before, but it really helped me understand more about his sacrifice, it was a really neat and humbling experience. Ah, man I love the Jesus The Christ point of view on it! Well, got to head out! Love you guys so much, thanks for the love and support! 

Elder Horton

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