Monday, November 3, 2014

The Long Walk...

Thanks everyone for the emails and support! It's so awesome. So this week was too much fun! The longer I'm here, the less I start feeling like it's some foreign desert, and the more it starts feeling like home. The crazy crammed bus ride home, hanging onto the door halfway out of the bus isn't nearly as miserable as when I first arrived! haha The people are super friendly, and are so happy and willing to talk with us. It wasn't nearly as bad this week, it's been raning a lot. Whenever it rains, we lose electricity and water, but we are always (usually) prepared for that! haha The streets get crazy flooded which is cool. But this Saturday, we had 2 baptisms, and it was raining super hard that morning. When it rains, everything shuts down, and people just stay in their houses! We were worried that was going to happen, and keep the baptism from going down. We fasted starting Friday after lunch, and prayed super hard that it wouldn't rain! Aaaaaaaand it didn't rain! haha The first baptism was of David! David is 17 years old, likes to rap, and fight Karate. He is too sweet! haha I had the opportuity to baptise him. The other was of a 23 year old single mom named Paulina! She is way nice, and lives with the family in the jungle that we did the service for.
So yeah! This past week, we were walking home, and had a few minutes, so we stopped by the house of one of our investigators. They weren't home, but we ran into the sister of the mother we are teaching! We started conversing with her, and soon came to find out (PLus she sure looked like it) that she really likes to party ha She looks atleast 30, but was only 15 years old! She is pregnant, but still parties. Like every night! We began to tell her about how God loves her, and can help her change or something like that, but the didn't believe any of it. She said that the only person that she loves is herself, and that if she dies young, so be it atleast she had fun. We tried reasoning with her, but she would have none of it. She told us to leave and didn't wanna talk with us! I was SO devestated, walking away from talking with her. Like she was perfectly happy doing that! UGhhhhh man, I felt heart-broken for her. Like I just wanted her to know so bad that there is more to life than just partying and drugs! God has a purpose for us, I know that as a fact!
So earlier that week, we were out teaching, and contacted someone walking. We set up an appointment with them for yesterday! The only problem, was that she lived ccleeeaaarrrrrrr in the edge of our boundary, in the middle of no mans land. We walked around looking for her house for about an hour an a half in the rain! We finally found her house, and it was one of the craziest lessons we have had. Usually, people hardly have questions for us to answer, but she sat us down and questioned us for about an hour and a half! haha My comp rattled of answers, and I could answer a few easy ones, but you could tell she was so relieved to have these quetions answered. Like one was ¨Why babies need baptism, when they don't have sins? Where did we come from? Why don't we have prophets today? Just crazy awesome perfect questions! We set a baptism date for 3 Saturdays from now, and now we get to make the long trek to her house 3 times a week haha But hey, the Lord blesses you when you make sacrifices! I guess that's what I'm trynna say ha
What else... Oh yeah, I wwent on splits with another missionary this week! He is from Brazil, and is super crazy hahaha He is way funny though. Just super energetic about everything, it was awesome! I spent the night at their house. Oh yeah! So their house is HUGE! It's a mansion, it seriously is. It's a 5 bedroom, two bath, two story house fully furnished. They have a huge yard, and an automatic electric gate like in the movies! haha I guess the living down here is crazy cheap.
But yeah, that was kinda my week in a nutshell! haha Sorry, my thoughts are all over the place today. But atleast I wasn't crazy sick like last week! ha Thanks again for the support.
Love you guys!
Elder Horton
Learning Guarani from the best teacher out there, Angie!
(in an ice cream parlour of course)

The ward family and families of the people getting baptised

BAUTISMOS  haha Our baptisms, and another companionship in our district
 (Elder Walsh, and Elder MacFarland)

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