Monday, November 10, 2014

Brujeria ha

Hello Family and Friends! Love you guys tons, miss you like crazy.

So this week started off a little strange! We were eating lunch in the front yard of a members house, just having conversation and talking, when my comp needed to use the restroom. They had one of their sons guide us around back to their outhouse, so he could go. There was a random shack right next to the restroom, so I decided to explore and see what was there! I looked inside, and saw some weird stuff...  There was all of these statues and pictures of the Saints and animals, and incense and something dead (Later found out it was a chicken) in the middle of the room! Like, wow I was freaking out. ha! I Told my comp, when he came out of the bathroom, and he was equally as shocked! We were freaking out ha, we had no idea what to do! Like this was the home of a member. Sooooo We asked them about it. They told us that their grandma had recently moved in, and that's where she was living. ha! We then quickly finished our lunch, and got out of there as quickly as possible. It was one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me! haha But hey, Happy Halloween I guess?? ha Brujeria is a new vocab word for sure = Witch craft

But yeah, so lots happened this week. There was a HUGE storm this Thursday, lasted all day. We had a training as a zone, and we all met up in a church in a city about 30 minutes out of Ita. The storm hit as we left that morning, and tons of trees had fallen on the road, so we spent about 2 hours in a Bus, waiting for people to clear the debris. The road was super flooded at some points too! When we were in the church, recieving our training, the church got struck by lightning! haha Sooooo that happened, and basically couldn't hear for a few seconds ha It was insanely loud! After the meeting finsihed, we went and ate at a restaurant nearby, and took another 2 hour bus ride back. It took all day to just do that! ha 

The next day, we spent helping a family clear a tree branch from off of their house. It is the house of our recent convert from last week! (Paublina) A HUGE tree branch fell, and destroyed part of their kitchen. So my comp and I spent the day chopping it up (With axes and hatches), and clearing away parts of their destroyed house. I got very familiar with some unfriendly bugs (Tarantulas and some weird beetles) NO me gusta ha We are going to help them rebuild their house this week! It's another one of those houses in the jungle made out of wood and tin, so it shouldn't be incredibly difficult, But yeah, lot's of service opportunities, which is awesome! 

I have really enjoyed having a spanish comp. I have been picking up the language a lot faster than if  didn't have one. I am at the point where I can understand most things, and function in lessons! It's been a lot of work, but it's awesome to see it pay off. And I for sure have a lot of room to go! It's actually starting to be difficult writing in English ha I forget some words! Like my comp asked me the other day, what the word for Limpiador was (Dryer) and I couldn't remember! hahaha We also ran into my first all Guarani family this week. Nobody speaks English (Just a man and a lady with one son) in their hosue, but my comp was able to invite them to the church and beyond that, we will just bring a member with us next time we visit them (To translate) 

I got sick again this week, but honestly I've jsut gotta get used to it. Bleh! ha Thanks again for the support1 Love you guys a ton. Until next week! Sorry, photos aren't working today

Elder Horton

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