Monday, October 27, 2014


Thanks for the loving support everyone! It means so much. I don't have much time, so today will be brief. Hmmmm so! 

This week, I was super sick. We ate lunch at an investigators house, which was great and all, but there was something in those eggs or something I think! I spent allllll that night barfing my mind out. I didn't sleep a bit! I felt like something was eating my insides, it was the worrsstttttt ha All the next day, I just layed there, and couldnt move a muscle! But by the next day, I felt good enough to go to church. We had 5 investigators attend, which is a huge blessing! We have 2 baptisms this Saturday, if all goes well. One with a 16 year old boy named David, and the other with a 27 year old single mom! We are crazy busy. This week, something pretty funny happened. We were teaching the parents of our recent convert, Larissa. They are way tough! They aren't married, and they heard you have to be married to be baptised, so they got kinda offended. Most people down here aren't married. It's easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest problem we have! And marriage costs a whopping 4,200,000 guarani. I dunno what that converts to in dollars, but it's a lot for the people down here! Anyways, so we were teaching them, and it was a pretty crucial part of the lesson. We were teaching about Joseph Smith,and introducing the BOM, when something fell from a tree we were sitting under, and down the back of my shirt hahaha I thought it was just some sort of leaf, but i then started to feel something crawling around on my back! haha I was freaking out. I held my composure until the end of the lesson, but as soon as it finished, I anxiously urged us to quickly leave, and once we got out of eye-sight, I took of my shirt and got it out! haha It left it's mark alright, and I now have about 20 little red marks all over my back. But hopefully all this suffering this week will pay off! And by pay off I mean BAUTISMOS haha My comp and are are getting along just fine still. No problems! He is super pacient with me. Which is way awesome! Anyways, thanks again for all the support. I love and miss you guys like crazy! 

Elder Horton

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