Monday, November 24, 2014


Wow sooooo bad news first as always, right?! haha So Monday, my comp and I were doing our studies, and we were super concentrated. All of a sudden, we start seeing al of this ash that starts falling down on our shirts, and start smelling smoke! We turn around, and see our kitchen wall on fire!! hahaha I start screaming "TENEMOS FUEGO TENEMOS FUEGO" haha We run over to the kitchen to see where it was coming from, and it was shooting out of the outlet on the wall! Like a well trained fireman brigade, I run to the sink and fill up a bowl of water, and my comp runs to turn off the electricity. WHe shuts it off, and I throw water on and put it out! hahaha It was too crazy. We never were able to figure out how or why it started, put probably jsut faulty PAraguayan wiring. It was TOO funny hahaha That's something I will never forget!

So if all goes well, we will have a marriage and a baptism (Same day) in the church on Saturday! Super pumped for that. Marriage costs about 250,000 guarani, so my mistake on that one ( From what I previously said it was) Other than that our investigators are way awesome! 

So on thursday this week, all the new missionaries had to go to the migrations office and do legal papers. While we were sitting there inthe office, a few people came up the me and started talking in English! Which was super weird for me to hear haha Like other people than missionaries speaking English was just too bizarre! One of them asked me why I was here, and I tried to respond in English, but was having trouble explaining it to her! So I just switched to Spanish, and it was MUCH easier to explain why we were in Paraguay, and about our church haha It was the craziest thing! 

On our way home from the office later that same day, it rained SO hard! And this was my first time being in the city while it's raining. THe streets literally became rivers, and sitting there in the bus watching people on MOTORCYCLES wizzing past in 8 inches of swift moving water was too crazy haha 

The people here really are so amazing. I'm starting to get the feel of being a missionary here, and it's so rewarding ha Like our typical lesson geos like this: We arrive, sit down, talk for about 40 minutes, drink some juice, and then share a lesson. Everyone is super laid back! haha I can't explain it in English, but in Spanish: Tranquilo ha Everyone is SUPER tranquilo! Just like taking their time for everything, hanging out drinking matte is the PAraguayan way of life! It's so nice ha Needless to say, I feel like I'm starting to really like Paraguay.

This week, I have been focusing on using prayer! And noticing the power of prayer in all that we do. As missionaries, we pray like 20 times at least a day! And I really have noticed how much that has helped me, here in Paraguay. Whenever I jsut get absolutely so super frustrated about learning the language, or with my comp or something, I have tried taking a few deep breaths, getting on my knees, and saying a sincere prayer to help me be more pacient, or something like that haha It has make a world of difference for me, and has made the stresses of adjusting to missionary life a lot easier to handle. 

Thanks for the emails this week! I loved every single one of them. Have a great thanksgiving (Was that this week or last week?) ha! Love you guys

Elder Horton

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