Monday, December 1, 2014

Mbae Chapa Chida'a

Us pre-chowing down in some members house

It's been a bit rainy here this week (dirt roads turn into streams)
Hola! Que tal mis amigos? This week has been rather normal ha Nothing too crazy happened, sorry to dissapoint. Oh! Something funny did happen last night. We were planning for today, when we heard a ton of noise coming from our bedroom. My comp runs over to see what was going on, and I was right behind him. I thought for sure someone was in our room robbing us, so I was super panicking! haha Turns out it was just a bird that flew in and was knocking stuff over hahaha Phew! We caught him and put it in the apartment of the other missionaries. haha

Our baptism/wedding that we were planning for this week didn't end up going through! Turns out two teenage boys don't make the best marriage councelors hahaha I guess people need for convincing than just simply telling them "The Bible tells us we need to get married" haha The chicka still wanted to get baptised, so we convinced her to move out (Separate) herself from her partner and so she is going to get baptised this week for sure! She is way cool. She is 19 years old, and already has 2 kids, which honestly is pretty normal down here. She has two brothers that are members, but inactive! We have another baptism this week too. It's another girl, that is 24 years old. She is the sister of David, that kid that we baptised about a month ago! She has been a bit tough ha But, we helped her all this week on how to recognize that the libro de mormon is true. She also had problems with the word of wisdom and law of chastity! We Challenged her last night to get baptized this Saturday, adn she accepted. It was so relieving! haha We have worked super hard on helping her. 

This week, we ran into someone who doesn't believe in God! It was my comps first in his mission! haha So that tells you something about the people here. I haven't talked much about my comp huh! He is way cool. We get along super well, and talk a ton ha He has a bit of an interesting story. He is from Peru, and grew up a member. He moved out of his house at the ageof12 to live on his own in another city (Never told me why). He lived on his own, and worked at a grocery store while going to school as well. He was inactive at this time, until he turned 20. He was involved in some pretty crazy stuff ha (Gangs) But he wasn't happy, and left that life in puruit for something different. He moved back to Lima, where two missionaries met with him, re activated him, and then he left to serve a mission. He is SUCH a good teacher, and I have learned a ton from him!

We have been instructed by the quorum of the twelve to use a video this month in helping invite others to be baptised. It is called El es la Dadiva, or he is the gift! It's super cool, and works like a charm. We have already used to set dates for baptism for 10 people! We have 15 people with baptismal dates in the month of December. Go check out the video! It's way awesome. My scripture of the week is definitely Alma 37:35-47. Super awesome! Talks about the LIahona, and how we simply can't get lazy in obeying and acting on the words of the prophets.

Love you guys a ton! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. 

Elder Horton
Pre-taking out the pique! haha (Me trying to look tough)

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