Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Week in the M.T.C! Received 10-2-14

 Quite the growth spurt at the MTC! 
Elder Leavitt and Elder Brumble- My Dudes! 

Hola Everyone!
 Thanks for the updates of what's going on in your life, and the support you have shown me! It means so much, especially as I'm about to head out into the field.
Less than a week left here in the MTC! I head out next Tuesday! I am so nervous haha But I can't wait! It's what I've been preparing for all this time. The MTC has been so much fun! It's going to be tought to leave. It really has been my home away from home. I'm especially going to miss all the amazing meals ha They are so good. Especially the desert! Everything has Dulce De Leche in it (Caramel) and it's pretty much the nectar of the Gods haha It's going to be tough to say goodbye to some of the guys here, but luckily a few are headed up to Utah State after the mish, so we have already planned a reunion up there! haha One thing I have learned here in the MTC is that I enjoy teaching. Not just the gospel, but like teaching people Spanish! Uh ohhh haha Thanks for that DAD! ha
This past Proselyting was so much fun! I don't know if I told you, but we go out every Saturday for 6 hours and teach! It's so much fun. I'm bummed out that I'm going to miss it this week! (Because of G.C.) This past week, they took us to a MUCH nicer area. The houses were super nice, there weren't more stray dogs than people, and not everybody was drunk, it was awesome! haha The people are so friendly here. Most everyone is alright with talking about the gospel, whether they are interested or not! It was by far our most successful week, partially because it was our last, so we talked to literally everyone! It flew by so fast, and it was so much fun. I'm actually going to miss Argentina! But I'm sure Paraguay is like a million times better haha
So I have heard a lot of interesting things about Paraguay! I ask every Latino I can about it, to see what they know. I've heard that it's a HUGE drug capital, that you have to bribe the police every once in a while, and that the misquitoes are giant. I've heard that the people talk crazy fast, and bombard you with a mixture of Guarani and Spanish, and that it's hotter than Satan! haha I can't wait!! To me that sounds like a fantastic adventure. I can't wait! haha One of the LAtinos from here knows Guarani and taught me a few things! But it's such a weird language. It sounds like such nonsense! ha My roommate is Brazilian, so he has been teaching me a bit of Portuguese! It's way similar to Spanish, it's quite interesting to learn.
So I was studying in my scriptures, in Romans 8;28 the other day. I studied this verse for like 45 minutes! It's so interesting to me, to really dissect it, and break it down. Like try thinking about the meaning of every word in this verse! Like to 'know' something? what does that REALLY mean? In Ether 12:6 it says that we gain knowledge after the trial of our faith. So we must have trials in order to gain knowledge, in order to love God, and have everything work out for our good. Interesting... Not only that, but If that's true, then nothing 'Bad' really happens to us, IF we choose to learn from our trials. God's plan is perfect, and universally applies to every aspect of life or trial that could ever be faced EVER. And we, a TINY percentage of the world knows that. How important is it that we share this knowledge with everyone we can! To bring them closer to God, and let everything work out for their good. I love this church! Can't wait to head into the field.
Thanks again for the support! I love you guys, and from now on I will be emailing on Mondays I'm pretty sure. Love you guys!
Elder Horton

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